Endless Legend Wiki

A Volcanoforming Device (a.k.a. Volcanoformer) is a structure that the Kapaku are able to create and place in the world that change the terrain they're placed upon to Volcanic Terrain after a number of turns (5 TurnSmall.png on Normal speed). One Volcanoformer is able to convert the tile it is place upon, as well as the six tiles surrounding it. Volcanoformation devices are created by spending an amount of any one strategic resource, starting at 2 and increasing by 2 every time that resource is used; i.e. if Titanium is used 3 times to create a Volcanoformation device, the cost to produce the next one will be 8 Titanium Color 256x256.PNG, but the cost to create one with Glassteel will still be 2 Glassteel Color 256x256.png. Once a Volcanoformation device has been created, any Kapaku army anywhere on the map can deploy it on an unoccupied tile, after which the Volcanoformation process will start. It should be noted that these devices can be destroyed before their task is complete, so it is best to guard the device while it is working to prevent that. In order to destroy a volcanoformer, an opposing empire's army must perform the Dismantle Volcanoformer Army Action for a number of turns equal to the amount that the Volcanoformer has been active.


Devised by Concrete Endless, and powered by Aurigan riches, the Volcanoformer can transform any wilderness into basalt plains riven with lava.