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The Wordless Will
The Wordless Will.png
Faction CultistsIcon.png Cultists
Obtained QuestIcon.png Faction Quest
Type Accessory.png Talisman
+35% LifeIcon.png on unit
+35% AttackIcon.png on unit
Can be equipped by cultists faction only
AbilityDarkProofSmall.png Dark Proof
IndustrySmall.png Production 100 IndustrySmall.png
StrategicIcon.png Resource 3 Adamantian Color 256x256.PNG
3 Palladian Color 256x256.PNG

The Wordless Will is a Talisman exclusive to the Cultists, received for completing Chapter 5 of their faction quest. Unlike most other accessories gained from quests, The Wordless Will can be equipped on non-hero units, but is still limited to Cultists units, such as the Preacher, Fanatic, and Nameless Guard.


The Queen may make noise, though buried as she is behind layers of protective shielding no one can know. Instead, her desires are known directly through telepathy and dreams, or indirectly through the actions and demands of her servitors. This particular insignia, an extension of her will, meticulously controls all the details of every being in the army's food, equipment, and mental state to maximize their military effectiveness.