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The Silics are a Minor Faction.


Slow-moving elementals, heavily affected by Dust. The Silics guard the great underground farms where crystal is grown and nurtured; promising ones are blessed with intelligence and life.

Silic villages tend to develop around the underground lairs where Dust-enhanced crystals are grown and nurtured. The development is a slow process, guaranteeing that Silic settlements last for decades and centuries.

Minor Faction Bonus[]

+0.5 Strategic Resource StrategicIcon per pacified and rebuilt Silics village on Strategic Resource deposit (empire wide).


Faction: MinorFactionIconSmall Silics
Obtained: Assimilation or Marketplace
Unit Type: Infantry Infantry
Costs: 120 IndustrySmall
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon Life 140 SpeedIcon Speed 4
AttackIcon Attack 24 DefenseIcon Defense 46
InitiativeIcon Initiative 10 DamageIcon Damage 28
Ranged Range 1 SightIcon Sight 3
Harmonite These guardians of the great underground farms where crystal is grown and nurtured are themselves intelligent minerals. They can use their symbiosis with the earth to immobilize enemies.

Related Quests[]

Crystalline Caverns
Crystalline Caverns Description
The Silics Ambassador is not happy, as they have not had time to build living spaces due to the turbulence and aggression of other peoples. Silics live underground, and are in fact quite content to house themselves in your mines and tunnels; perhaps if you build a few more they will be content.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Silics in [Region], create new homes for the Silics by building Strategic Resource Extractors. Construct 2 more Strategic Resources Extractors. The Silics are very happy with their new homes, deep underground and far from the terrifying openness of the sky. Loyal Harmonites join your forces in thanks.
Reward Strategic Resource Droplist, picks 1
The Lost Explorers
The Lost Explorers Description
The leader of the Silics worries that explorers, who went in search of the rare elements needed to grow their finest crystals, have been missing for several seasons. They were last sighted at Ruins in a neighbouring region, but since then the trail has gone cold. He offers a reward if you can help learn what has happened to their people.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Discover the fate of missing Silic explorers by searching Ruins in a nearby region. Having Harmonite units in your army to help with the search is a necessity.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
1. Equipped with two Harmonite units, inspect the Ruins where the explorers were last seen.
2. Deep in the ruins you discover the Silic explorers, held captive by hostile Haunts. Save them within 10 turns!
Thankful for your liberation, the Silics reward you with a powerful object from their vaults: The (Dis)Harmony Shield.
Reward 1. Resources Droplist, picks 1
2. Disharmony Shield