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Side quests are quests that consists of only a single chapter, and are separated into two main categories: Ruins and Pacification quests. Ruins quests have a random chance of being triggered anytime a ruin is searched. Pacification quests are given by minor factions after using the Parley action on a village, and will always result in all villages in that region being pacified upon success; these quests require the Language Square technology to trigger, and therefore are unavailable to the Necrophages, or any custom faction with the pitiless trait.

There is also a special category of side quest referred to as Lore Quests, which were added by the Lost Tales add-on. These quests all focus on the various minor factions of the game, and provide more information about them. They can be triggered by searching ruins, talking with a village, or by having one of the appropriate minor factions assimilated.

While one could consider every quest that isn't one of the Faction Quests a side quest, this page doesn't include two other types of side quests: Naval Quests and Global Quests. Naval Quests have been put onto their own page due to the fact that all of them require the Tempest expansion to access, while Global Quests involve all other factions simultaneously.

Ruins Quests[]

A Brighter Future
A Brighter Future.png Description
Your scout entered new ruins and discovered a manuscript full of ancient knowledge. As the future of Auriga is uncertain, the more you know the better are the chances that you will survive. By erecting a [City Improvement] you can hope to shed light where today there is only ignorance.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Improve your chances of survival by building the [City Improvement] Build the [City Improvement] in one of your Cities, and your scientific knowledge will grow. Eureka! Sages from across Auriga are envious of your scientific prowess, and the scientific knowledge of your empire gains an unexpected advance.
Reward Technology Droplist, picks 1
A History Lesson
A History Lesson.png Description
Extensive study of the ruins of Auriga tells one story above all others: Even the most powerful empires can be utterly destroyed by the cost and ruin of war. The genius of the Endless could not help them to survive the conflicts they created, and their power and wealth was far, far beyond what you control. This lesson should not be lost on you; it is perhaps time to make peace and put the riches of your empire to other uses.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Study of the ruins shows you the contribution of war to the fall of great empires; if even the Endless were brought down by war perhaps you should reconsider your diplomacy. Sign a Truce with another empire in the next 10 turns. You have time now to heal your wounded and consider your options; will you follow the path of the Endless into ruin, or find another way to lead Auriga?
Reward Advanced Technology Droplist
A Princely Gift
A Princely Gift.png Description
A wandering Drakken researcher, calling herself "Archivist Chaoshayi", comes to you with interesting concepts of rule and "iron hands in velvet gloves". You are convinced that in order to maximize your political influence, you should show that you are not to be insulted or trifled with. Though war is not always practical, Chaoshayi convinces you that if you show you are willing to go to battle, you will gain the awe and respect of others.
Summary New Objective Outcome
You have met a Drakken Archivist who has interesting theories of war, profit, and influence. Her ideas are fascinating, especially at those historical moments where war, profit, and influence interact. Be at war against another empire in the next 10 turns. Though the costs are high, war is occasionally useful as a clear and unequivocal message. You have gained influence, and perhaps even notoriety, in the eyes of the leaders of Auriga.
Reward Advanced Technology Droplist
A Relic of the Past
A Relic of the Past.png Description
Keeping the empire secure includes paying attention to the tales of travelers and vagabonds. You hear of a place full of artifacts from ancient days - and you have heard it enough times that it may not be idle boasting or mindless babbling. That point on the map bears investigation.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Search ruins and unearth secrets of the past. Within 5 turns, search for a relic at the [Ruins] illuminated by rays of Dust. The place matched the descriptions, right down to the eerie feelings... It is good that you brought shovels!
Reward Breakwall
A Tale from the Dark Season
A Tale from the Dark Season.png Description
You have discovered an old text or journal. Historically interesting, the manuscript tells of Samhane Haligtide, an ancient hero who was famous - or is it notorious? - for their ability to regenerate rapidly. Seemingly a skilled fighter as well, the text indicates that this person was buried not far away. Strangely, the tale does not divulge why the hero died, or even if they were alive or dead when buried...
Regardless, the hero's affinity for Dust means that they could perhaps be revived if a sufficient quantity of a Dust-related Luxury resource is brought to their resting place. While the location of the grave, protected by Dust magic specific to the Dark Season, is clearly indicated, the last few paragraphs are faded and unreadable. All you can see is that they begin with "By all that is blessed, as you love life itself, do not..."
Summary New Objective Outcome
It may be worth it to use some [Luxury Resource] and wake up - or resurrect? - the hero who lays in a nearby ruin. According to the manuscript, the grave will only be accessible during Winter. In Winter only, search the indicated [Ruins] with X of [Luxury Resource] - if you think it's a good idea. The hero wakes suddenly, eyes glowing, hand extended. You notice an odd ring on their finger, and a faint sweet yet musty smell like a jug of maple syrup broken on a cellar floor.
Reward Samhane Haligtide
Ring of Unnatural Hunger
Body and Blood
Body and Blood.png Description
Wise words are carved on the walls of this ruin: "If the empire is a body, the people are its blood". You understand that population is key to your glory, and that having more eager hands will help when you face future challenges.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Increase your empire's population in order to increase your power. Get 8 Population population or more in one of your cities in 15 Turns. You see the many children playing in your streets, and you imagine the farmers, merchants, or soldiers they will one day become. It is good to be emperor!
Reward Prestige Droplist, picks 1
Colossal Danger
Colossal Danger.png Description
A flamboyant adventurer, Autocthona Smith, has apparently disturbed things best left alone...
In a ruin not too distant from your empire, one of the ancient Guardians of Auriga has awoken. Enormous, powerful, and fascinated by the splendor of one of your cities, it is headed for that city with destruction on its mind.
However, you have also learned that even though it doesn't seem to open to negotiation, this creature is also very sensitive to the power of Titan Bones.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Your city of [City] is no longer a safe place; a Dust Guardian has it in its sights. Who will save your city? The Guardian heading for [City] can be defeated in battle; it can also be redirected towards another empire if you activate 2 Titan Bones boosters. Hail to the empire! The loss of your city has been avoided and something of the power that lurks deep within Auriga has been revealed.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Concrete and Virtual
Concrete and Virtual.png Description
In a ruined temple, your patrol finds a desiccated body suspended in the air, its outstretched arms reaching towards a cistern of cool water. Held in place by Dust magic, the dried and withered corpse resembles the forms you have seen on the eroded walls and statues. What trap was laid, by what enemy, to catch this poor soul?
Summary New Objective Outcome
A closer investigation of a ruined temple shows a trapped body and strange indications. This is certainly worth pursuing. Explore 2 temple ruins before end of this winter You have learned something of the historical conflict between the Concretes, who turned Auriga into a workshop of biological study, and the Virtuals who destroyed them. Thanks to your investigations, your scientific knowledge grows as well.
Reward Advanced Technology Droplist
Delusions of Grandeur
Delusions of Grandeur.png Description
Progress is not merely in science, but in putting science to practical work. To leave a great legacy for history - assuming that there will be a future - you need to bring your people into a modern era by improving their level of Industry.
Summary New Objective Outcome
You will have to raise your empire to a new industrialization level. Produce 40 Industry IndustrySmall.png in one of your cities for 10 turns All your people are working together, to a common future, like one single soul. Your empire may one day accomplish great things.
Reward Prestige Droplist, picks 1
Intellectual Jealousy
Intellectual Jealousy.png Description
Obviously - and sadly - the people who lived here ages ago were more educated than yours. In the dust-covered ruins of this technological empire, your scientists begin to find new ideas and inspirations. Perhaps you might even one day surpass those ancients?
Summary New Objective Outcome
Enlightenment is near as long as you continue to focus on research. Produce 40 Science ScienceSmall.png in one of your cities for 10 turns Many new discoveries have been offered up to your people. The world seems to have stayed the same, but you perceive things in a new way, as if you were a bit closer to some greater Truth...
Reward Prestige Droplist, picks 1
Lust for Loot
Lust for Loot.png Description
Ancient texts and scientific studies say that some locations are inter-connected. By successively activating triggers in these places, you can uncover increasingly important treasures. But only a Hero can do it, and once you start you will launch a countdown - after which the chain effect vanishes forever!
Summary New Objective Outcome
With a Hero-led army, loot as many treasures as you can in 15 turns 1. Use a Hero-led army to search the location indicated on the map.
2. Use a Hero-led army to search the location indicated on the map.
3. Use a Hero-led army to search the location indicated on the map.
4. Search the next location with a Hero and army... it's almost finished...
The troops may be tired, but the effort was worth it!
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
3. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
4. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 2
Manifestations of Destiny
Manifestations of Destiny.png Description
Population pressure and dreams of empire combine to cause discontent. Third sons and daughters seek their fortunes, artisans seek raw materials, and captains seek glory. The wide open spaces of Auriga are calling; it is time to found another city.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Found a city in a new region - before the population becomes too restless. Build a city in a new region within 5 turns The empire grows, and your influence and power grow with it.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Manual Labor
Manual Labor.png Description
Among the strange and wondrous things you have discovered while traversing Auriga is this new oddity: The Eayaen Bi-Forge. A creation of the Endless, it seems to have been constructed to allow the simultaneous smithing of two different Strategic Resources. While the idea is not overly complex, it is clear that you will require the aid of Delvers to efficiently exploit the forge without continually cracking your head on the unusually low exhaust fan.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To correctly use the Eayaen Bi-Forge, which smelts Titanium and Glassteel simultaneously, you will need the help of a people roughly the size of those who invented it. In this case, the Delvers should do well. Come back and search this Ruin with a Delvers unit in your army and a minimum of X of Titanium Color 256x256.PNG Titanium and X of Glassteel Color 256x256.png Glassteel The Delvers must be Pacified or hired as mercenaries; the Resources can be obtained through Extraction, questing, or on the Marketplace.
Reward Valiant Lightning
Master of Luxury
Master of Luxury.png Description
Auriga is rich with resources - both natural and magical. Hieroglyphics on ancient ruins indicate how certain luxuries can provide powerful bonuses to your empire, above and beyond the wealth you can get from trading and exploiting them.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Trust the knowledge gleaned from the ruin you discovered: Exploit some Luxuries! Build 2 extractors exploiting one or more of the following Luxuries: Dye Grey 256x256.PNG Dye, Emerald Grey 256x256.PNG Emerald, Gold Grey 256x256.PNG Gold, Spice Grey 256x256.PNG Spice , Wine Grey 256x256.PNG Wine You begin to understand the many ways in which the many resources of Auriga can be turned to your benefit...
Reward Augmented Extractor
Power and Prestige
Power and Prestige.png Description
You have heard echoes of other empires and other cities who would compete with you for glory and renown. These rumors make your people restless; they would prefer that it is their city whose name is spoken with awe in the taverns and markets across Auriga. And this feat is well within your grasp.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Increase the fame of your city and the Influence of your empire. Level up any District or the City Center of your City [City] to its level 2. The wealth and power of your city grows. And with it, the influence of your empire.
Reward Technology Droplist, picks 1
The Accidental Desecrator
The Accidental Desecrator.png Description
A casual camp in a protected dell led one of your patrols to inadvertently desecrate a graveyard. The tribe to whom it belongs revere their ancestors, and in their eyes the holy ground has been fouled. The site can only be cleansed with blood!
Summary New Objective Outcome
Defeat the avenging army One of the armies roaming in [Region] has the treasure that you seek. Find the army, defeat it, and make the booty yours. Victory - and the unfortunate death of innocents - is yours.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
The Legend of the Three
The Legend of the Three.png Description
A great statue looms above you; some grim creature of teeth and horns and wings whose inscription is ruined and unreadable. Below it is a newer one, scratched roughly into the stone. "I, Nuha Haydham, have failed to return the Shard of Icarael. The Three who find that sword and place it here will gain what I could not". Below the writing, a rough map has been sketched, and between the feet of the creature there appears to be the outline of a sword that was once inset as part of the pedestal.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Use the Shard of Icarael to awaken the creature, then defeat it to get the treasure. 1. Search the [Ruin] revealed by the rays of Dust with a strong Infantry Infantry.png Hero (Level 4 minimum).
2. With only 2 units and a Hero equipped with the Shard of Icarael, search the initial [Ruin] - and prepare to fight for your treasure!
Congratulations! You have entered legend as the hero who found the Shard of Icarael and defeated its guardian.
Reward 1. Shard of Icarael
2. Prestige Droplist, picks 1
Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
The Second Mouse
The Second Mouse.png Description
You were following indications - drawn from local legends - that spoke of loot and treasure in heavily guarded ruins. It seems, however, that someone else has beaten you to the booty!
Summary New Objective Outcome
Follow the tracks of the creatures that pillaged the treasure. One of the armies roaming in [Region] has the treasure that you seek. Find the army, defeat it, and make the booty yours. As they say with mousetraps, it is often the second mouse that gets the cheese...
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
To Feed the Hungry
To Feed the Hungry.png Description
A messenger from one of your cities has come with a warning. The people of [City] may love you, but when their bellies go empty they forget their oaths of loyalty. You must improve your food stocks before a starving populace casts their hungry eyes on your household pets and military mounts...
Summary New Objective Outcome
Time is not your ally. Get the masses fed before they revolt! Feed the hungry. Build the [City Improvement] in your City [City] The hungry are now sated, and you can turn your attention to other matters (Urp!).
Reward Prestige Droplist, picks 1
Within a Rock in a Hard Place
Within a Rock in a Hard Place.png Description
There are enough engravings and diagrams around this ruin that even an idiot could understand it: somewhere in the region an enormous chunk of Glassteel contains a beautifully forged weapon. Only the cleverest among you, however, figured out that this was the work of a smith who thought he could kill the demons in his mind by stabbing a large block of Glassteel. Apparently even the ancient peoples of the planet were given to flights of madness, so don't feel bad if you're having one of those days.
Summary New Objective Outcome
A weapon was lodged within a great mound of Glassteel by a mad blacksmith. It is said that the weapon has interesting powers, and it might be worth obtaining it. 1. In order to do this correctly, you must first be in control of the region. Colonize the region [Region].
2. Now that the region is secure, you must build a Glassteel Glassteel Color 256x256.png extractor on the deposit in order to get to the weapon.
Bravo! With the region secure and the extractor in operation, you are able to extricate the weapon from the Glassteel deposit. You wonder what drove the blacksmith to such a strange act. You're not hearing voices, are you?
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. The 37

Pacification Quests[]

A Fair Leader
A Fair Leader.png Description
Before negotiating with other empires, you need to gain the loyalty of your own people. Convince a Minor Faction tribe that you're a leader to be respected - and allied with - by proving that your population follows you.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], make the population of the region city very, very happy for a period of time. Ensure your approval is at a Fervent level in your city [City] for at least 5 turns The Minor Faction has seen that you are indeed a leader loved by your people; they are willing to follow you. Villages in the region are now pacified.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
A Question of Proof
A Question of Proof.png Description
The tribe leader wants proof that you are a benevolent leader who will look out for their interests. As they fear attack and invasion, building a Watchtower should prove that you are willing to guard them.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], keep an eye on activity in the region to reassure its inhabitants. Build a Watchtower in the region [Region] Your actions indicate that you are a leader that can be trusted; relations have improved with the [Minor Faction] tribe. The villages of the region [Region] have now been pacified.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
An Advanced Civilization
An Advanced Civilization.png Description
You have encountered the [Minor Faction]. They are impressed by your power, but feel little respect if it is not tempered by wisdom. Before they are willing to peacefully submit, you must show them that you are capable of collecting and disseminating knowledge.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Enter a new Technology Era to pacify the tribe. Enter Technology Era II within the next 10 turns The tribe is duly impressed by your scientific advances; the villages in the region are now pacified.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Defender of the Weak
Defender of the Weak.png Description
The tribe leader needs your help. A pack of hostile monsters has been raiding and threatening their villages, and they lack the military power to stop them. If you wipe out that threat, the tribe will be more than happy.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], help your neighbours against the menace of the monsters. 1. Find the monsters; the tribe has identified their lair in [Ruin].
2. You've been trapped! Survive if possible but more important, make sure the monsters are all killed.
Congratulations, all the villages are now pacified in the region called [Region]. The [Minor Faction] tribe is glad to become an ally.
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Pacification
Diplomacy By Other Means
Diplomacy By Other Means.png Description
Whether or not you believe that war is a useful pursuit, you may be up against those who are convinced of it. To get this Minor Faction's respect you must show them how you develop, deploy, and instruct your troops.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], your armies need to master the arts of war. Gather and train units of different type. For 5 turns, ensure that you have a unit of at least 4 of the 5 existing unit classes in your empire garrisons. Your armies are proficient in the arts of warfare. You've shown your talent for survival, and gotten the attention of a new Minor Faction...
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Free our People
Free our People.png Description
The tribe leader wants proof that you are a reliable ally. They have brothers imprisoned in a nearby region, but only vague clues on their whereabouts. Find them, free them, and you will cement the tribe's trust.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], find and destroy the village, located in a nearby region, holding kidnapped allies. 1. The tribe has informed you their kidnapped brothers are somewhere in a nearby region called [Region 2]. Locate the right [Minor Faction 2] village which has a marker on it and destroy it.
2. Return to the tribe's village and restore their trust
Congratulations, all the villages are now pacified in the region called [Region]. You have gained the confidence of the [Minor Faction] tribe in this region.
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Kickstarting.png Description
The canny leader of this people is trying to develop a better commercial base for the village by getting a robust public market up and running. Unfortunately the goods available are simple and often uninteresting; if you could provide something a bit more compelling to fill the stalls it would improve the market, public morale, and tax income.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], donate some luxuries to help draw crowds and merchants to the new Minor Faction marketplace. Bring back X Dye Grey 256x256.PNG/Emerald Grey 256x256.PNG/Gold Grey 256x256.PNG/Spice Grey 256x256.PNG/Wine Grey 256x256.PNG to the [Minor Faction] tribe Wonderful! Foods, materials, and crafts are suddenly appearing out of nowhere as the market gains respect and shows its worth. All the [Minor Faction] villages have now been pacified in [Region].
Reward Pacification
Make Peace not War
Make Peace not War.png Description
The [Minor Faction] tribe does not want to create new enemies by accepting an offer from you. They request that you demonstrate peaceful behavior toward your other neighbors; only then will they feel secure in pledging loyalty to your empire.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Sign a peace treaty with at least one of your neighbors. But do not wait too long; hesitation will make you appear to be disinterested in peace. Sign a peace treaty within the next 10 turns. The Minor Faction is able to trust your intentions, and has now been pacified.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Minor Faction, Major Trust
Minor Faction, Major Trust.png Description
Sure, you have cities and armies and power and wealth and lots of fancy equipment. But this village is full of cynics; they will only believe that you are a worthy leader if you show that other Minor Factions have been content to join your ranks. If you are able to show your army integrates other peoples into its ranks, they will be reassured that you have the competence to lead beings of their village as well.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], show that you can effectively lead and integrate other peoples by coming to the village with a diverse army. Return to this village with an army that contains a minimum of 3 Minor Faction units. Such diverse! Much unit! Seeing that you are competent to clothe, feed, and lead peoples that are very different from your own, they are glad to join your empire. All the [Minor Faction] villages have now been pacified in [Region].
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Mortal Enemies
Mortal Enemies.png Description
Survival on a war-torn and dying planet is not an easy task. This time, the village you have encountered is in the middle of a long-running battle with an empire in a nearby region. To obtain the loyalty of this tribe, make sure the city is no longer a threat for them.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], destroy the city threatening the tribe in a nearby region. In the nearby region called [City] capture or destroy the city. Excellent! [City] will no longer trouble this tribe; all the [Minor Faction] villages in [Region] are now pacified.
Reward Technology Droplist, picks 1
Reliable Ally
Reliable Ally.png Description
"Words are cheap." This is the essence of the message from the leaders of the village you have encountered. While they would be glad to join you, they mistrust your large and growing power. If you wish to win their allegiance, you must show that you are more than just a bloodthirsty conqueror.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], prove to the tribe that you are not merely a belligerent warmonger. In your next Empire Plan, don't put any Influence InfluenceIcon.png in the Military Ministry. Set the Economy and Population Ministry to its Level 1 minimum. "Actions speak loudly," and yours have convinced the tribe that you are indeed an ally worth keeping. The villages in the region are now pacified.
Reward Pacification
Rough Men
Rough Men.png Description
You have encountered a tribe, the [Minor Faction], who wish to live in peace. There is only one way to do this on a world like Auriga; patrol their region with troops to drive out enemy armies.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Patrol the region of [Region] to keep enemy armies away Make sure there is no enemy army in the region called [Region] in X turns Congratulations, the villages of the region called [Region] trust your protection; they are pacified and willing to serve you.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Snark and Awe
Snark and Awe.png Description
This Minor Faction seems surprisingly dismissive of your power, given that they are pathetic in comparison to your lordly brilliance. Perhaps if other peoples had the same excellent opinion of you that you have of yourself, diplomatic efforts would go more smoothly.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], awe those village fools with the glory of your empire. 1. Colonize the region of [Region].
2. Maintain a minimum of 3 Influence in your new city [Region] for 5 turns
The villages in the region suddenly begin to take you more seriously. They are now pacified, and content to join your empire.
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
The Cornerstone of Diplomacy
The Cornerstone of Diplomacy.png Description
The tribe leader greets you cautiously; many nations use the same word for "stranger" and "enemy". This tribe seeks some specific resources in order to develop their art and industry; if you manage to obtain them then you will improve relations between your peoples.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], improve relations with your neighbours by bringing them back what they need. Bring back X [Strategic Resource] to the [Minor Faction] tribe Congratulations, all the villages are now pacified in the region called [Region]. The [Minor Faction] tribe is happy with your gifts, and you are content to gain an ally.
Reward Pacification
The Doubtful Chief
The Doubtful Chief.png Description
The village is impressed by your science and weapons, but they are not accustomed to bowing before others. Their leader is clear on this: "Our allegiance must be earned. Prove to us that you can wisely manage a city, and we will think about having you help manage our village."
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], increase the production of resources in the region's city. Produce 5 of Food FoodSmall.png, Industry IndustrySmall.png, Science ScienceSmall.png, Dust DustSmall.png and Influence InfluenceIcon.png in your city [City] for a period of 5 turns Their eyes grow wide at the bounties you are able to produce; truly, you will be a leader worthy of an alliance.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
The Hole in the Wall
The Hole in the Wall.png Description
This village was built on the site of an ancient ruin, protected by screens and fences of the finest Mithrite and Hyperium. After a series of attacks these defenses have been degraded and broken, yet the tribe lacks the technology to forge them anew. If you could provide some of the missing resource, they would view you as a protector and defender.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], provide this village with the Strategic Resource necessary to repair their aging defenses. Bring back X Mithrite Color 256x256.PNG/Hyperium Color 256x256.PNG to the [Minor Faction] tribe Though their industrial base is weak, their craftsmen are skilled and your gift is quickly used to shore up the village's perimeter. All the [Minor Faction] villages have now been pacified in [Region].
Reward Pacification
The Incompetent Politician
The Incompetent Politician.png Description
Though the leader wants only the best for her people and is a good leader, she presents herself poorly and is apt to lose her temper. As a result, though the tribe is doing well, their leader secretly admits she could use a bit of a boost from a powerful neighbor. If you shower her people with some opulent luxuries, she will certainly be willing to view you as an ally.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], buy the affection of this tribe and the friendship of their beleaguered leader by showering them in luxuries! Bestow X Dye Grey 256x256.PNG/Emerald Grey 256x256.PNG/Gold Grey 256x256.PNG/Spice Grey 256x256.PNG/Wine Grey 256x256.PNG and X BloodCrystal Grey 256x256.PNG/Glassilk Grey 256x256.PNG/MoonLeaf Grey 256x256.PNG/QuickSilver Grey 256x256.PNG/Bones Grey 256x256.PNG upon this unhappy [Minor Faction] tribe Wonderful! Foods, materials, and crafts are suddenly appearing out of nowhere as the market gains respect and shows its worth. All the [Minor Faction] villages have now been pacified in [Region].
Reward Pacification
The Other Side of the Seas
The Other Side of the Seas.png Description
While many peoples boast of the reach and power of their empires, this village will only be impressed if you can truly prove your world-spanning power by crossing the oceans of Auriga. Their legends tell of an object hidden in an ancient temple on "the other side of the seas"; if you can get there, recover it, and bring it back they will surely be in awe of your might and be more than happy to ally with you.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], this Minor Faction wants you to retrieve an object that is entombed on the other side of the sea. 1. Cross the sea and search the [Ruins] located in a region called [Region].
2. This object is interesting indeed! To make a show of it, equip it on a Hero and return to the [Minor Faction] in glory.
Incredible! Frankly, they thought they would never see you again as the object was half-legend and the "other side of the seas" meant, more or less, an imaginary place. All the [Minor Faction] villages have now been pacified in [Region].
Reward 1. Wolfbane the Shepherd
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
The Sad Ones
The Sad Ones.png Description
Victims of a series of raids culminating in a fire, this poverty-stricken village has been rebuilt by its inhabitants. Sadly, many precious religious objects were lost or stolen, and they no longer have the tools and technologies to replace them. If you can provide the expensive metals from which these holy relics were once crafted, their gratitude would be immense.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], provide them with the precious metals from which their precious objects were made. Bring back X Adamantian Color 256x256.PNG/Palladian Color 256x256.PNG to the [Minor Faction] tribe Showing a new vigor, the tribe eagerly accepts your gift. Their priests and craftsmen begin to replace the chains, spikes, and flails of their merciless gods. All the [Minor Faction] villages have now been pacified in [Region].
Reward Pacification
Too Many Chiefs
Too Many Chiefs.png Description
Everybody in this village seems to be giving orders and claiming some fancy title. Finally, one of them comes forward and states that if you can bring them enough Dust, they will put aside their differences and follow your banners. While it seems a bit too chaotic to be a reliable tip, you have nothing else to go on and the village would be a useful ally.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], collect enough Dust to buy the allegiance - and cohesion - of this argumentative people. 1. Return to the village when you are ready to give them X Dust DustSmall.png.
2. You pleased the [Minor Faction] who told you what you actually need to do: bring X of [Resource] to the other [Minor Faction] village located in the same region.
All's well that finally ends. In fact, the leader of this village is the youngest but by far brightest and most useful of a group of siblings. Though the others hate to admit it, by gaining the trust of the young leader of this village you have effectively pacified this Minor Faction.
Reward 1. Low Prestige Droplist, picks 1
2. Pacification
Way of the Initiate
Way of the Initiate.png Description
You have discovered a village inhabited by a strange tribe called the "Eyeless Ones." For this blind yet all-seeing people, the best way to prove your loyalty is to escort one of their youth on a brief voyage beyond their village walls. You will find an apprentice at the location indicated on the map, but in order to learn they must follow a Hero.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], bring the youth of the tribe on a voyage of initiation. 1. With an army led by a Hero, search the [Ruin] illuminated by rays of Dust.
2. Now the journey has begun. Return to the initial [Minor Faction] village with at least 2 Eyeless Ones units of Level 2 in your army.
Thanks to your leadership and the safe return of their citizens, this village of the Eyeless Ones view you as a friend and ally in the dangerous world of Auriga.
Reward 1. Eyeless Ones Army: 2 Units
2. Pacification
Winter Has Come
Winter Has Come.png Description
Though hard-working and careful, poor harvests mean that this Minor Faction village has difficulty collecting the food they need to survive the Dark Season. They would be more than willing to ally themselves with you, if you can show that your ability to increase your Food supply works even in the depths of winter.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], during the depths of the Dark Season, increase your production of Food. Before the end of Winter, produce 20 Food FoodSmall.png in [City] for a period of 3 turns The tribe is suitably impressed, and among families with hungry babies there are even some teary eyes. They would be more than happy to join your empire as allies.
Reward Dust Droplist, picks 1

Lore Quests[]


A Fragment of Crystal
A Fragment of Crystal.png Description
Glowing with supernatural vigour in the dark of the ruins, a group of Haunts circulate around broken shards of a yellow, crystalline object. You approach, and they eye you curiously. "What are your theories on its nature?" an apparition asks. "Take your time, it has lain here for centuries."
Summary New Objective Outcome
Develop your scientific knowledge in the hopes of better understanding the crystal's origin and purpose. 1. First, discover a total of three Science-based Technologies from any eras.
2. Next, via the Empire Plan, raise your Science ministry by 1 more level than previously.
Your increased knowledge, and discussion with the Haunts, lead you to believe that the crystal was part of a ship, crewed by strange, feathered creatures, that once sailed the stars. They are impressed by your Empire's ascendence to a new level of scientific understanding, and reward you with a large bounty of Dust from the crystal.
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Dust Droplist, picks 1
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution.png Description
You are not alone among the ruins. Deep in the site you spy tribes of Hurnas and Tetike in furious dispute over the ownership of some Escaped Specimens. Though you would rather sneak away and not get involved, your troops are spotted and they ask you to judge the affair impartially.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Settle the dispute between the Hurnas and the Tetike once and for all - by killing one of the tribes. Defeat either the Hurnas army or the Tetike army. The battlefield is littered with the dead corpses. The least the survivors can do is tell you their story.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Watchman's Pelt or Eye of the Hurnas depending on which army was defeated
Who are the Jotus?
WhoaretheJotus.png Description
Prerequisites: Defeat the Hurnas army in Conflict Resolution
With the eye of the Hurnas' leader in your sackbag, the cloth stained red where the stump of his nerve touches the fabric, you resolve to visit the Tetike tribe who triggered this bloodshed. The Hurnas deserve that much.
Summary New Objective Outcome
With the head of an enemy leader as your pass, go to the Jotus to learn more about them. Travel to the indicated village and talk to the Jotus while showing the Eye of the Hurnas equipped on your Hero. The Jotus are used to being hated; in shedding blood for them you have gained instant trust and the loyalty of two units. They tell you that though they were bred as guards and gladiators, they were uplifted by Dust which they now worship.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Jotus Army: 2 Units
Who are the Hurnas?
WhoaretheHurnas.png Description
Prerequisites: Defeat the Tetike army in Conflict Resolution
With the Watchman's Pelt in your sackbag, the furs matted and smeared with blood, you resolve to visit the Hurnas tribe who triggered this massacre. The Tetike deserve that much.
Summary New Objective Outcome
With the skins of their enemies as proof of the deed, go to the Hurnas to learn more about them. Travel to the indicated village and talk to the Hurnas while showing the Watchman's Pelt equipped on your Hero. The Hurnas have been on Auriga so long they view it as theirs. In truth, the ages they have spent hunting and gathering have given them great wisdom on the beasts and plants; they share some of their bounty with you.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Hurnas Army: 2 Units
Dust Gives, Dust Takes
Dust Gives, Dust Takes.png Description
Entering the shadowed ruins, you find several figures huddling under a half-fallen pillar. Moving closer you learn that they are a Nidya family, old and young; six in number. One of their young males is ill, and the elders mutter of the "Magic Grounds" that may save him from death. They ask you to help.
Summary New Objective Outcome
A sick Nidya can be saved by exploiting Anomalies, integrating them into your cities. 1. The first step is to heal the Nidya naturally, using the magics evolving on Auriga. Build over a total of [Current+2] Anomalies in your empire.
2. Dust is also required to heal the Nidya warrior. Produce [Current+30] Dust per turn in one of your cities for 5 turns.
3. Visit the highlighted ruins with the young male.
The family are overjoyed to see their son healthy again and give you two Arpuja units as thanks - though something in his bearing and words seems strange. But then, Dust is a powerful agent of both recovery and change...
Reward 1. Economy Technologies Droplist, picks 1
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
3. Nidya Army: 2 Units
Mothers in Distress
Mothers in Distress.png Description
The ruins are far from the deserted tomb you had imagined. Frantic Ceratans swarm the site, some feverishly digging, others carrying wounded kin and damaged eggs. One approaches. You learn that the Ceratans had thought the ruins a safe haven, but a few days ago the earth shook, burying many of their kin in the underground galleries and tunnels beneath the ruins. Many of the trapped are Ceratan females, refusing or unable to abandon their unhatched young. They ask for your help.
Summary New Objective Outcome
In the aftermath of an earthquake the Ceratan are desperate; help them by bringing a unit that can improvise shelter and medicine. Bring a Settler to the Ruins to improve the organization of the relief effort. Though some were crushed to death, your efforts have rescued many. Hundreds of eggs have been saved, and the hatchlings are emerging into the light. You wonder how those who lost their brood mothers will cope in this harsh world. As thanks, the Ceratans give you an unusual item they discovered during their excavations, the Ward of the Cocoon.
Reward Ward of the Cocoon
Relocation of the Blind
Relocation of the Blind.png Description
Threading through the fallen masonry at the entrance to the ruins you come across a suprising sight: dozens of Eyeless Ones have turned the site into a makeshift church, their distinctive twisting circular iconography adorning many surfaces, while many of the monks lay prostrate in worship. They agree to leave the site if you provide a temple for them elsewhere.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Create a new temple worthy of the Eyeless Ones. 1. Build a City Improvement that increases your Empire's Influence.
2. Return to the Ruins and Inspect them.
The Eyeless Ones appreciate your investment on their part. Their rites and traditions are unclear to those of us who can only watch with our eyes, but they appear to worship some great incarnations of beings that existed even before the Endless...
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1


A Diplomat in a Dangerous Land
A Diplomat in a Dangerous Land.png Description
The Sisters of Mercy are a cautious faction, only accepting the best in others when they are given clear evidence. They will only negotiate with you once you have proved yourself to be a merciful people.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Sisters of Mercy in [Region], choose the diplomatic path in your dealings with other Minor Factions to prove yourself merciful in the Sisters' eyes. Parley with at least five Minor Factions. Won over by your peaceful ways, the Sisters submit to your rule, joining your Empire.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
A Fragile Peace
A Fragile Peace.png Description
The Dorgeshi could be fearsome allies... but can they be trusted? Banished by the Roving Clans ages ago for acts of violence, were they innocent victims or cold-hearted aggressors? Do they keep anger and violence in their hearts? You will need to collect artifacts and antiques to get to the bottom of this question.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Dorgeshi in [Region], discover if you can trust the Dorgeshi. 1. Verify the traditional story of the feud between the Roving Clans and the Dorgeshi by producing X Dust in your city [City] to buy ancient artifacts.
2. The "Dorgeshi" weapons were not Dorgeshi, and the supposed "trophies" not even human remains! They are victims; with X Dust you can buy their trust if you do it quickly (in 6 turns).
The Dorgeshi have been pacified with your gift of compensation, but still resent the ill treatment of their ancestors. Acts like The Dorgeshi Banishment, done in haste, can haunt one for decades...
Reward 1. Foeskewer
2. Pacification
Ancient Enmities
Ancient Enmities.png Description
The Dorgeshis could be fearsome allies... but can they be trusted? Coming from a Clan banished by your ancestors ages ago, were they innocent victims or violent aggressors? Do they still carry hatred for your people in their hearts? Only a scientific search of the evidence will show you the origin of this feud.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Dorgeshi in [Region], use scientific methods to find out if you can trust the Dorgeshi. 1. Research the origins of the Roving Clans/Dorgeshi feud through scientific means. Produce X Science in your city [City].
2. Analysis of ancient scrolls prove that agreements with the Dorgeshi were forgeries! They deserve reparations for your ancestors' trickery; give them X Dust within 6 turns.
The Dorgeshi have been pacified with your gift of compensation, but resentments still simmer... Perhaps your forbears had good reasons to engineer their exile!
Reward 1. Foeskewer
2. Pacification
Crystalline Caverns
Crystalline Caverns.png Description
The Silics Ambassador is not happy, as they have not had time to build living spaces due to the turbulence and aggression of other peoples. Silics live underground, and are in fact quite content to house themselves in your mines and tunnels; perhaps if you build a few more they will be content.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Silics in [Region], create new homes for the Silics by building Strategic Resource Extractors. Construct 2 more Strategic Resources Extractors. The Silics are very happy with their new homes, deep underground and far from the terrifying openness of the sky. Loyal Harmonites join your forces in thanks.
Reward Strategic Resource Droplist, picks 1
Industrial Might
Industrial Might.png Description
The Urces look on your swords and shields with barely concealed contempt, as your weapons of war are an affront to their peaceable ways. However, your achievements in construction impress them, and hint that friendly relations may be possible. They ask for demonstration of your manufacturing might.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Urces in [Region], impress the Urces with a demonstration of your industrial capacity. Build the [Improvement] in one of your cities in less than 5 turns. Awed by your rapid feat of engineering, the Urces wish to see their own labours find eternity by writing their names in the stones of your Empire. They are willing to be assimilated.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Marathon.png Description
Roaming the wilds of Auriga from frozen tundras to dense woodlands, the Bos have a history of being formidable scouts and messengers. They posess the necessary traits of great stamina, an eye for danger, and mastery of diverse terrains. Several of their most famous have earned much acclaim for their race by dedicating their lives to carrying messengers for the great Empires. Today they wish you to lead one of these messengers in spreading the word about a terrible disease, the Red Ague, that is in danger of killing thousands. Minor Factions in the surrounding regions must be warned!
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Bos in [Region], warn the nearby Minor Factions of the outbreak of a contagious and fatal disease, the Red Ague. 1. Using a Centaur unit, visit the 3 indicated Minor Faction villages in less than 20 turns.
2. Return to the Bos village.
With the nearby villages warned, the risk that the Red Ague might spread has been greatly reduced. The centaurs who carried the message are considered heroes, and the Bos are prepared to join with you and have their names also "chiselled in stone."
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Dust Droplist, picks 1
Mask of the Delvers
Mask of the Delvers.png Description
This faction, which lives primarily beneath the surface, has a tradition of wearing bone masks. But no one has pierced the secrets of them: Who wears them? Why? How are they crafted? What do they represent? Perhaps a demonstration of your capacities will convince them to share the secrets of their culture.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Delvers in [Region], to get the Delvers to share the secrets of their culture, show them your ability to harness the magics of Auriga by activating Boosters. Activate two Boosters to prove your wisdom and power. You have seen the scarred faces beneath the masks, and learned something of the Delvers' grim lives. In friendship they give you a sacred object, one of their ritual masks.
Reward Skull of the Caves
Running with the Hunt
Running with the Hunt.png Description
Hurnas settlements are often crowded, noisy affairs, with the lively inhabitants compensating for their dreary surroundings. This village is different, the place empty, the few Hurnas despondent as many of the clan were killed in a landslide during their last migration. Without better protection for the settlement while those who are able to do so hunt, they will surely all perish.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Hurnas in [Region], protect the Hurnas settlement while their hunters hunt.. 1. Assign two Units permanently to the Hurnas village.
2. Defend the Hurnas village for the duration of the hunt (10 turns).
3. Return to Parley with the Hurnas village where they have buried their dead.
As their village survived the absence of its hunters, the Hurnas give you heartfelt thanks. With minotaur haunches roasting on the spits, they begin to believe that they may survive. Your units remain with the Hurnas, who give you their own warriors in return. They are pacified; ready to pledge their allegiance to your cause.
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
3. Hurnas Army: 2 Units
The Gauran Games
The Gauran Games.png Description
The Gauran envoy is amused by your friendly overtures, but custom dictates he can only talk once your race has proved its martial prowess. He suggests that you let one of your armies participate in the upcoming Gauran games.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Gauran in [Region], prove your race's worth by defeating champions of the Gaurans. Travel to the Gauran village with only a Hero in your army, and earn their respect by defeating the army of the Gauran alpha male. The Gauran alpha-male lies defeated, crushed by your might and cunning. "How is this possible?" he croaks. "It's as though you had more warriors than I counted..." Congratulations, you are now the alpha male of the Gauran!
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1


A Faith of Fire
A Faith of Fire.png Description
The assimilation of the Kazanji has brought great things to them, but now the race feels they are in danger of losing their identity. They ask you to help bring together many Kazanji in one place so that they may revive an ancient custom, the Ceremony of the Holy Fire.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Help the Kazanji revive their faith by bringing them together in peace.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
1. Create a full garrison of Kazanji units in your city [City].
2. The Kazanji bring you a gift of Dust as thanks. Keep [City]'s Garrison full of Kazanji units for 7 turns.
The Holy Fire burns bright, anointing the Kazanji with its warmth and energy. Their faith is renewed. Moved by your commitment to their culture, they expend sacred Titan Bone relics to give your empire a boost.
Reward 1. Dust Droplist, picks 1
2. Titan Bones booster
A Friend in Need
A Friend in Need.png Description
Minor tribes and villages have come begging to your allies, the Sisters of Mercy, as they fear the aggressive expansions of other empires in their Region. Livestock have been stolen, and "troublemakers" have disappeared. The Sisters ask you to protect at least one of those Minor Factions from bullying by their more powerful neighbors.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Save a Minor Faction that suffers the oppressive rule of one of your enemy's cities.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
1. Capture an enemy's city in the Region of your choice.
2. Make sure the Minor Faction has a place to live - rebuild at least 1 village if all of the villages were destroyed.
The Minor Faction is most grateful. In honour of your sacrifices, they trust you with one of the greatest blades in their armory.
Reward 1. Prestige Droplist, picks 1 from Era 4
2. Blade of Mercy
Pet Sounds
Pet Sounds.png Description
The Urces' leader looks you square in the eye, tells you that his people have lost something extremely valuable. "Will you help us recover it?" he asks, his followers' faces deep and serious. You offer to help. The leader replies, "For us sheep are the noblest creatures; intelligent, peaceful, soothing. I have lost my sheep, Igor."
Summary New Objective Outcome
The Urces' leader's very own pet sheep, Igor, has gone missing. Search the nearby ruins where he was last seen and reunite Igor with his master.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
1. Inspect the ruins indicated by the Rays of Dust with a Hero to locate Igor, then return him to his master.
2. The Urces' leader is absent; a Hero must care for Igor in your city [City] until the leader comes back in 5 turns.
3. News arrives that the Urces' leader is back in his village. Have your Hero reunite him with Igor.
Dressed up in garlands of flowers, Igor looks somewhat perplexed at the lavish celebrations that greet his return. After the party, the Urces' leader grants you three Urces units for your troubles.
Reward 1. Igor's Gift
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
3. Urces Army: 3 Units
The Festival of Dust
The Festival of Dust.png Description
Revering Dust for the role it played in helping them survive long seasons underground, every year Delvers celebrate the fact with an annual festival. By welcoming a contingent of Delvers into your capital and organizing Dust celebrations at this time, Delver relations can be further deepened.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Bring the Delver celebrants to your capital city, and produce enough Dust to fuel the raucous celebrations.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
Garrison two Delver units in your capital city, then produce X Dust per turn for 5 turns. Delighted at your hospitality, and a little worse for wear on account of the celebrations, the Delvers present to you a valuable gift: the Delver's Band of Merriment.
Reward Band of Merriment
The Land of Godheads
The Land of Godheads.png Description
Erycis culture may be primitive, but they still worship. Like their multi-headed forms, they do not venerate one god but many. The principal ones are Boikiss, the god of the trees; Natriss, the god of the grasses; Getulass, god of the sands, and Sebaess, god of the stones. You must show acceptance by building your cities upon the terrains of the these gods in order to be accepted by the Erycis.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Show respect for the multiple gods of the Erycis culture by building your cities in their different terrains.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
Construct new city Boroughs on at least three more of each type of terrain across your empire. The Erycis find your cities pleasing to their many eyes, and offer their loyalty plus two units for your armies. They confide to you the central tenet of their religion: All the gods are manifestations of the one true god: the Godhead.
Reward Dust Droplist, picks 1 from Era 3
Erycis Army: 2 Units
The Lost Explorers
The Lost Explorers.png Description
The leader of the Silics worries that explorers, who went in search of the rare elements needed to grow their finest crystals, have been missing for several seasons. They were last sighted at Ruins in a neighbouring region, but since then the trail has gone cold. He offers a reward if you can help learn what has happened to their people.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Discover the fate of missing Silic explorers by searching Ruins in a nearby region. Having Harmonite units in your army to help with the search is a necessity.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
1. Equipped with two Harmonite units, inspect the Ruins where the explorers were last seen.
2. Deep in the ruins you discover the Silic explorers, held captive by hostile Haunts. Save them within 10 turns!
Thankful for your liberation, the Silics reward you with a powerful object from their vaults: The (Dis)Harmony Shield.
Reward 1. Resources Droplist, picks 1
2. Disharmony Shield
The Thawing of Relations
The Thawing of Relations.png Description
A counselor from your allies, the Sisters of Mercy, is concerned by your lack of decisiveness in foreign affairs - and, in particular, a tendency among the peoples of Auriga to decide their fates in warfare. Hoping to see that you can be trusted to stay the course, she urges you to seek more peaceful diplomatic relations. If you do this, the Sisters will aid your cause further.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Demonstrate that you can engage in a firm yet non-aggressive manner with Auriga's other races.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
1. Sign a new peace treaty with another empire, or be at peace with every other Empire.
2. Maintain this diplomatic status for 5 turns.
The Sisters view your reign as enlightened and compassionate. As a reward, one of their most prominent Heroes wishes to play a deeper role in your cause.
Reward 1. Sisters of Mercy army: 3 Units
2. Valete Sapiri Kugua