Endless Legend Wiki
Faction AllayiIcon.png Allayi
Winter Winter.png 2nd Winter
Cost Pearls.png 15
Type MilitaryIcon.png Army Action
Focus ShiftingSmall.png Shifting
Can spend Pearls Pearls.png to change form for the current turn.

A Blessing that can be unlocked in the 2nd Winter for 15 Pearls.png Pearls. Unlocks the ability to shift Allayi units to their Dark form in Summer, or their Light form in Winter. The cost of this ability is 1 Pearls.png Pearl per the selected unit's level.


While the different forms of the faction are generally tied to the seasons of Auriga, enough of the power from the Pearls can force this change at any time.


This ability provides the Allayi with greater strategic control over the shifting of their units, enabling a temporary offense and movement boost in summer, or a temporary defense and healing boost in winter. This can have a number of benefits, but it is up to the player to weight the Pearl cost of force shifting their units vs waiting for the season to change.

One additional use of this ability beyond military strategy is for Chapter 4 of the Allayi faction quest, which requires talking to a village with a Skyfin in Dark Form. If Winter is a long way off, force shifting this unit can be a great way to move the quest forward sooner.