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Setseke Ho!
Setseke Ho!.png
Faction RovingClansIcon.png Roving Clans
Obtained FactionIconSmall.png Faction Trait
Type Setseke Ho!
Move this city
IndustrySmall.png Production 1 TurnSmall.png

A special action that Roving Clans cities are able to take. Upon completing the project, the city and all it's districts will be turned into a Setseke unit, and be able to resettle the city in a different location. Upon resettling the city, all city improvements that had been previously built will remain, but the districts must be placed back down. For every Borough Streets that had been constructed on the city before relocating, there will be one use of the Happy Decampers construction, which will rebuild Borough Streets for no Industry IndustrySmall.png but can only be used once per turn, and Borough Streets cannot be constructed normally until all uses of Happy Decampers have been used. Special districts, such as the Altar of Auriga, will have their own constructions that do not have a set Industry cost, but will instead use all the Industry produced by the city that turn to be built.

It should also be noted that non-district expansions, such as resource extractors and watchtowers, will not be picked up by the Setseke Ho! action, and will remain built in that region. However, they will not provide any benefit while there is no city built in that region. Additionally, it is possible for a rival faction to found a city in a region that you have built such expansions on and immediately gain control of them by doing so.


Though it is not easy, requiring concentration and community effort, the giant scarabs or "Setseke" of the Roving Clans can lift their cities up and transport them across Auriga.