Endless Legend Wiki
FactionIconSmall.png Faction AllayiIcon.png Allayi
UnitSmall.png Unit Type Cavalry.png Cavalry
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon.png Life 92
AttackIcon.png Attack 18
InitiativeIcon.png Initiative 24
SpeedIcon.png Speed 6
DefenseIcon.png Defense 35
DamageIcon.png Damage 22
Ranged.png Range 1
SightIcon.png Sight 3
IndustrySmall.png Production 80

The Seeker is a Cavalry unit for the Allayi. Two Seekers constitute the starting force for the Allayi. They do not need to be researched and can be trained immediately after settling a city.


Like cavalry, the Seeker strikes rapidly from a distance with a powerful charge. In Summer the charge has a greater attack; in Winter it removes the enemy's defense.


Icon Name Effect
ShifterNatureSmall.png Shifter Nature In Light Form:
  • +20% Defense DefenseIcon.png
  • +10% Health Regen LifeIcon.png
  • -50% Upkeep DustSmall.png on unit

In Dark Form:

  • +20% Attack AttackIcon.png
  • Immunity to Winter Movement Reduction
  • Immunity to Winter Vision Reduction
  • +1 Vision Range SightIcon.png
  • +1 Movement SpeedIcon.png
  • +1 Battle Movement BattleSpeedSmall.png
ShiftingChargeSmall.png Shifting Charge In Light Form:
  • -10% Attack AttackIcon.png on target per movement point spent, effect lasting 3 turns TurnSmall.png

In Dark Form:

  • -10% Defense DefenseIcon.png on target per movement point spent, effect lasting 3 turns TurnSmall.png

Equipment Slots[]