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Roads of Dust
Roads of Dust.png
Faction RovingClansIcon.png Roving Clans
Obtained QuestIcon.png Faction Quest
Type Accessory.png Tome
+8 IndustrySmall.png on city
+1 SpeedIcon.png on units
Can be equipped by heroes only
No Capacities
StrategicIcon.png Resource 55 DustSmall.png

The Roads of Dust is a Tome exclusive to the Roving Clans, received for completing Chapter 1 of their faction quest. The item is required to complete both Chapter 2 and it's alternate version, as both requires equipping a hero with the Roads of Dust item. In Chapter 2, it must be equipped on a Wild Walkers hero who has been made governor of a city so that it can construct the High Towers city improvement, while in Chapter 2 Alternate, it must be equipped on an Ardent Mages hero as it leads an army and searches three ruins.


This ancient manuscript unveils secrets of the Endless, who used Dust magic to reduce both the amount of friction generated by metals and their weight. Industrial goods last longer and require less fuel, and armies can skim faster across the land.