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Quivering Circlet
Quivering Circlet.png
Faction BrokenLordsIcon.png Broken Lords
Obtained QuestIcon.png Faction Quest
Type Accessory.png Tome
+7 IndustrySmall.png on city
+7 DustSmall.png on city
+7 ScienceSmall.png on city
Can be equipped by Broken Lords heroes only
No Capacities
StrategicIcon.png Resource 50 DustSmall.png

The Quivering Circlet is a Tome exclusive to the Broken Lords, received for completing Chapter 2 of their faction quest. It must be equipped to a Broken Lords hero assigned to a city, along with the Pendant of Judgement and Endless Lode Crystal, to complete Chapter 8, part 1 of the Broken Lords faction quest.


Though it fits comfortably around the skull, the constant vibration of this silver circlet and its ethereal lightness indicate an ancient and magical origin. Carefully placed holes indicate it was once part of a larger configuration.