Endless Legend Wiki
Faction FactionIconSmall All
Obtained ResearchIcon Research Era I
Category MilitaryIcon Military
Type MilitaryIcon Army Action
Focus PillageSmall Pillage
Unlocks the Army Action: Pillage
Unlocks the Camouflage accessory Accessory on Units
Unlocks the Detection accessory Accessory on Heroes

An Era I technology which enables the Pillage army action, an accessory that grants the Camouflage capacity on Units, and an accessory that grants the Detection capacity on Heroes. The Forgotten start with this technology unlocked.

The Pillage army action allows units to siege regional buildings of other empires: watchtowers, defensive towers, extractors, and pacified villages. Doing so grants a reward based on the type of structure that was pillaged, while also depriving the empire who owned the pillaged building of all bonuses it provided for a time (9 TurnSmall on Normal Speed).

It is not possible to pillage a building belonging to an empire you are currently at peace or allied with.

Upon successfully pillaging a regional building, an amount of Dust is rewarded, as well as a reward based on the building that was pillaged. The full rewards are listed here:

Building Reward
Watchtower 30 DustSmall x current Era, 20 LifeIcon x Pillage cooldown
Lookout Towers 40 DustSmall x current Era, 30 LifeIcon x Pillage cooldown
Remotuscope Factory 50 DustSmall x current Era, 40 LifeIcon x Pillage cooldown
Tower of Truth 20 DustSmall x current Era, 2 Pearls
Tower of Fidelity 30 DustSmall x current Era, 3 Pearls
Resource Extractors 30 DustSmall x current Era, All the resources that extractor would have produced during pillage cooldown.
Pacified Villages 24 - 34 DustSmall x current Era (depends on type of village), 1 pick from the Village Pillage Droplist

This technology also unlocks the following items:

Item Name Type IndustrySmall StrategicIcon Restrictions Capacities Lore
ItemRingoftheBorealOwl Ring of the Boreal Owl Ring 36 24DustSmall Can only be equipped by Units or Heroes that don't have the Stealth or Camouflage capacities Camouflage This ring of silvery-gray metal is carved with the pattern of the feathers from this dangerous predator. These owls are masters of silence and camouflage, and the ring confers these abilities on its wearer.
ItemInsigniaoftheHunter Insignia of the Hunter Insignia 48DustSmall Can only be equipped by Heroes Detection Accustomed to seeking prey in the cold norther wastes, Forgotten hunters are known for the keenness of their senses,. This insignia, crafted from the teeth of polar bears and enhanced with Dust, further improves the ability to see what is hidden.


Sometimes, using the enemies infrastructure against them is better than destroying it. Well-trained units are expert at siphoning Dust, resources, and other useful items from enemy sites.