Endless Legend Wiki
Pearl Crafting
Pearl Crafting.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All
Winter Winter.png 2nd Winter
Cost 15 Pearls.png (5 Pearls.png with ELCP)
Type Item.png Item
Focus Accessory.png Accessory
Unlocks Accessories made of Pearls Pearls.png

A Blessing that can be unlocked in the 2nd Winter for 15 Pearls.png Pearls (5 Pearls.png with ELCP). Unlocks the following Accessories:

Item Name Type Capacities IndustrySmall.png StrategicIcon.png Lore
PearlTome.png Tome of Auriga's Wrath Tome RetaliationBoostSmall.png 8Pearls.png The knowledge in this tome is a boon for city populations as it aids loyal troops to increase the power of defensive buildings created in Auriga's name (Wards and Towers).
PearlInsignia.png Eyes of Auriga Insignia AurigaAffinity3Small.png 5Pearls.png Though the decoration looks like strange spectacles for the blind, in fact the magics within this insignia bestow the ability to see and harvest greater quantities of Pearls.
PearlRing.png Band of Auriga's Blessing Ring IceWalkerSmall.png 10 3Pearls.png Though the Dark Season is cruel, not all suffer from it. This ring allows Heroes and troops to move on Frozen tiles at a much more rapid rate.
PearlTalisman.png Brooch of Auriga's Chosen Talisman RetaliationDeflectorSmall.png 10 4Pearls.png Troops who are pure of heart are smiled upon by Auriga herself; even when attacking strongholds she will see that they are less easily wounded.


Pearls are powerful, but also strange, fragile, and easily marred. To craft with them requires a high level of skill and great humility.