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Mykaran Minor Faction Village
Mykaran Minor Faction Village.png
Faction MykaraSmall.png Mykara
Obtained FactionIconSmall.png Faction Trait
Type Expansion.png Expansion
Focus MinorFactionSmall.png Minor Village
+2 Vision SightIcon.png from Fungal Bloom
+Tile Output on Main City
IndustrySmall.png Production 8 TurnSmall.png

A Fungal Bloom Expansion exclusive to the Mykara that can be built on any pacified or razed Minor Faction Villages in a neutral region or a region the Mykara control. Doing so will provide +2 Vision SightIcon.png on the Village, and the FIDSI output of the Village's Tile is added to the Main City. Additionally, Minor Factions overgrown this way can be assimilated.


The Lore of the Mykaran Minor Faction Village varies depending on the Minor Faction Village that has been overgrown.

Minor Faction Lore
Bos The Bos settlement is still and silent, mycelial webs covering all.
Ceratan The original webs of the Ceratan are hard to distinguish from the captor's mycelial filaments.
Delvers The thick stone walls of the Delvers' village is overgrown with mycelial webs.
Dorgeshi Beneath the overgrown webs, enmeshed Dorgeshi luxuries still faintly glitter.
Erycis Nothing moves in the dark crevices and overhangs of the hydras' overgrown settlement.
Eyeless Ones The mud huts of the Eyeless Ones lay cocooned in fungal webs.
Gauran A skin of fungal growths lies over the entire Gauran village, including the now-silent arena.
Geldirus No sign of the Geldrius' bleak settlement of branch and bone can be seen beneath the thick mycelial web.
Haunts Wraith-like haunts can still be seen wandering over their overgrown former home.
Hurnas An untouched Hurnas settlement is little more than a barren camp, and its overgrown form is no more impressive.
Jotus The ferocious roars of the two-headed Tetike can be heard no more in this overgrown village.
Kazanji The overgrown Kazanji village is a no longer a place of fear and fire.
Nidya A great feeling of peace has settled on the overgrown Nidya settlement.
Silics The angular slopes of the Silics settlement are draped in mycelial webs, eerie and silent.
Sisters of Mercy Both the healer's square and the small gaol of the Sisters' village are covered in a fine blanket of mycelial filaments.
Urces The pits and hovels of the Urces' overgrown hamlet stand in deathly silence.