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Mykaran Luxury Resource Extractor
Mykaran Luxury Resource Extractor.png
Faction MykaraSmall.png Mykara
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Research Era I, III, and IV
Type Expansion.png Expansion
Focus Exploitation.png Exploitation
+1 Vision SightIcon.png from Fungal Bloom
+1 [Luxury Resource] on Main City
+Tile Output on Main City
IndustrySmall.png Production 6 TurnSmall.png

A Fungal Bloom Expansion exclusive to the Mykara that replaces the standard Luxury Resource Extractors. As with the standard Luxury Resource Extractors, the appropriate technology must be unlocked to build a Mykaran Luxury Resource Extractor on a given Luxury Resource deposit; i.e. Open-Pit Mine must be unlocked to build Mykaran Dye, Emerald, Gold, Spice, and Wine Extractors.

In addition to providing +1 of the Extractor's resource on the Main City, Mykaran Luxury Resource Extractors also provide +1 Vision SightIcon.png on the Extractor, and the FIDSI output of the Extractor's Tile is added to the Main City.


A Fungal Bloom overgrowth allowing the extraction of the [Luxury Resource] Luxury.