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Mercenary Corps
Mercenary Corps.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All except Roving Clans
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Era IV
Category MilitaryIcon.png Military
Type MilitaryIcon.png Army Action
Focus PrivateersSmall.png Privateers
Unlocks Privateers
Armies composed exclusively of mercenaries can carry a neutral flag, preventing other empires (even allies) from knowing which empire owns them
Armies of privateers have an increased upkeep

-20% DustSmall.png on Heroes and Mercenaries market Buyout cost on empire.
+2 Fortification Damage FortificationDamage.png per turn TurnSmall.png on Mercenary.

An Era IV Empire Improvement which grants the ability to convert an army made up of Mercenaries to Privateers, which appear to all other factions as a roaming army. However, Privateers will have an increased upkeep cost, and cannot perform the Bribe, Parley, or Search army actions.

The Roving Clans are not able to research this technology, and instead have the Freelance Guards technology, which provides the same function, but is available in Era II.


If you play with Endless Legend Community Patch there is some changes for Mercenary Corps and Freelance Guards:

  • Also reduce the market Buyout cost of Mercenaries and Heroes by 20%.
    • This feature is mostly overlooked, mainly because mercenaries are too expensive in the important midgame portion of the game.
    • The added bonuses makes the tech a bit more lucrative, even if you dont plan to use it immediatly.
  • Also grant +2 Fortification Damage FortificationDamage.png per turn TurnSmall.png to all Mercenaries.
    • This is done to promote pillage play and mercenary usage across all factions.


Commanders occasionally prefer hardened professionals to local recruits, believing that they gain in experience what they lose in patriotism.