Endless Legend Wiki

Release Version 1.7.4

Patch 1.7.4[]


All Versions[]

  • Disabled faction introduction notification for tutorial faction.


  • Updated Fungal Bloom regeneration which now gives 0.5% for each Fungal Bloom on your total Life regen.
  • Improved the way armies check if they arrived to a Fungal Bloom to destroy it.
  • Improved the way Urkans can be reached by AI empires.


All Versions[]

  • Fixed an issue where a crash can occur on OSX after 100 minutes.
  • Fixed multiple text issues.


  • Fixed an issue where a tamed Urkan can be attacked by an ally of the owner without declaring war.
  • Fixed an issue where Lices roaming armies can reinforce Minor Faction villages.
  • Fixed an issue where AI Minor Empire can spawn Lices units in villages.
  • Fixed an issue where Urkan Evolution Screen Cancel and Unlock icons display low quality graphics.
  • Fixed an issue where previously assigned spies to a city are not sent to the Academy when said city becomes overgrown by Mykara.
  • Fixed an issue where pacifying and overgrowing Erycis villages does not grant any assimilation bonus when playing as the Mykara.
  • Fixed several issues where the Attack army action was not properly enabled with Tamed and Wild Urkans.
  • Fixed an issue where "A Brighter Future" side quest can require the Mykara player to build an already constructed improvement after overgrowing multiple enemy cities.
  • Fixed an issue where Urkan Evolution Screen closed up after selecting a trait and clicking unlock button.
  • Fixed an issue where the next militia spawn turn was reset in some cases.


  • Fixed an issue where, when a Dust Eclipse begins, ruins marked with the visual effect for Endless Day no longer display an icon in the simplified map view.


  • Fixed an issue where if the player built a borough next to a resource that already has the ability to extract, the player would not be able to build an intensifier until the game was reloaded.