Endless Legend Wiki
FactionIconSmall.png Faction UrkansIconSmall.png Urkans
UnitSmall.png Unit Type Cavalry.png Cavalry
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon.png Life 1000
AttackIcon.png Attack 80
InitiativeIcon.png Initiative 30
SpeedIcon.png Speed 6
DefenseIcon.png Defense 60
DamageIcon.png Damage 80
Ranged.png Range 1
SightIcon.png Sight 3
IndustrySmall.png Production N/A

Kazar is one of the Urkans, and appears randomly over the course of the game. Kazar has the highest Life LifeIcon.png and Damage DamageIcon.png of the Urkans, but the lowest Attack AttackIcon.png.


The largest of the three great beasts, Kazar moves with an unhurried gait that belies its great strength and arrogance. Often crusted with precious ores when emerging from the depths, Kazar is sometimes the target of brave, or foolhardy, adventures who attempt to liberate the valuable stones.


Icon Name Effect
AbilityIndestrutibleSmall.png Indestructible This unit cannot die.
AbilityWinterEnervationSmall.png Winter Enervation -25% Attack AttackIcon.png during Winter
-25% Defense DefenseIcon.png during Winter
-25% Initiative InitiativeIcon.png during Winter
-25% Damage DamageIcon.png during Winter
AbilityBrotherhoodofUrkansSmall.png Brotherhood of Urkans -50% Damage DamageIcon.png dealt to Urkans
UnsellableSmall.png Unsellable Cannot be sold on the Markteplace
AbilityFlamewalkerSmall.png Flamewalker Takes no damage from lava flows
AbilityAshBreatherSmall.png Ash Breather Can regenerate life on volcanic terrain
AbilitySweepStrikeBack4Small.png Sweep Strike Back 4 Overrides the default counter attack.
Deals damage to the attacker and opponents next to both the unit and the attacker.
+125% Damage DamageIcon.png.

Urkan Training[]

Urkan Agriculture
Urkans: Kazar
Type: FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus: FoodSmall.png Food
Urkan Agriculture.png With mycelial networks riddling the land, when a great beast is rooted to a region it can help to process tough nutrients, channeling sustenance from rivals to allies.


While Urkan is rooted to a Region:

  • Own and allied Cities in neighboring Regions produces +30% Food FoodSmall.png
  • Enemy Cities in neighboring Regions produce -15% Food FoodSmall.png
Reinforced Carapace
Urkans: Kazar
Type: FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus: MilitaryIcon.png Military
Reinforced Carapace.png Applying a salve concocted from a rare mushroom onto the Urkan carapace gives the great beast and their minions a harder shell and better constitution.


+50% Life LifeIcon.png on Urkans
+50% Life LifeIcon.png on Urkan Lice
+50% Defense DefenseIcon.png on Urkans
+50% Defense DefenseIcon.png on Urkan Lice

Healing Secretion
Urkans: Kazar
Type: FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus: MilitaryIcon.png Military
Healing Secretion.png Urkans secrete a complex pheromone, which when correctly treated can aide nearby armies defenses and regeneration. The effect is thought to be connected to symbiotic relationships between normally-warring bacteria.


While Urkan is in Army Form:

  • Allied Units in the same Region have +20% Defense DefenseIcon.png
  • Allied Units in the same Region have +20% Life Regen LifeIcon.png
Fecund Brood
Urkans: Kazar & Chaka
Type: FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus: MilitaryIcon.png Military
Fecund Brood.png Via a careful chymical procedure, Urkans can be seeded with exotic concoctions that accelerate lice production under the exoskeletal plates.


Urkans under your control spawn Lice 50% faster

Endurance Training
Urkans: Kazar & Fakir
Type: FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus: MilitaryIcon.png Military
Endurance Training.png Experiments on the lice strains living on Kazar and Fakir have led to a stunning discovery: Their mutual interaction produces natural defenses making Urkans resilient to winter's effects.


Removes penalties on Urkan due to Winter

Coordinated Tremors
Urkans: Kazar, Chaka, & Fakir
Type: FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus: MilitaryIcon.png Military
Coordinated Tremors.png Careful training by skilled beast-masters allows the Urkans to coordinate earth-shattering 'blows' that superpose over each other, producing long-distance attacks on fortifications.


Urkans gain the "Tremors" Army Action, producing long distance Siege Damage