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Imperial Highways
Imperial Highways.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All except Morgawr
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Research Era II
Category EmpireandExpansionSmall.png Empire and Expansion
Type Improvement.png City Improvement
Focus TradeRoutesSmall.png Roads
Creates Roads (used by trade routes) on Empire
Unlocks Right of Way and Watchtower for construction on cities

An Era II technology which the Right of Way and Watchtower constructions on cities. Not available to the Morgawr.

Unlocking this technology also enables the creation of roads between cities. Roads will appear connecting cities in adjacent regions (regardless of diplomatic status) so long as Right of Way has been constructed in one of the cities. If the roads are in a region with a city that has not built Right of Way, then the roads are simply cosmetic, and do not provide any benefits.


Previously paths across private land full of ruts and mud, roads are constructed to link towns and military outposts for both commerce and defense.