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The Hurnas are a Minor Faction.


These are itinerant tribes that follow herds and crops according to the seasons. Skilled foragers accustomed to living off the land, they are well known for their belligerence and their skill with the bow.

Though migratory and warlike, Hurnas take great pride in the quality and the decoration of their homes. Though they can be taken down and moved, when they are set up they provide warmth and fellowship.

Assimilation Bonus[]

+5% Attack AttackIcon per pacified and rebuilt Hurnas village on units.


Faction: MinorFactionIconSmall Hurnas
Obtained: Assimilation or Marketplace
Unit Type: Ranged Ranged
Costs: 80 IndustrySmall
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon Life 60 SpeedIcon Speed 4
AttackIcon Attack 38 DefenseIcon Defense 16
InitiativeIcon Initiative 28 DamageIcon Damage 24
Ranged Range 3 SightIcon Sight 3
Orc The Orc hunters of the Hurnas are known for their surprising speed and their sophisticated use of the bow. It is generally preferable to have them as allies rather than enemies.

Related Quests[]

Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution Description
You are not alone among the ruins. Deep in the site you spy tribes of Hurnas and Tetike in furious dispute over the ownership of some Escaped Specimens. Though you would rather sneak away and not get involved, your troops are spotted and they ask you to judge the affair impartially.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Settle the dispute between the Hurnas and the Tetike once and for all - by killing one of the tribes. Defeat either the Hurnas army or the Tetike army. The battlefield is littered with the dead corpses. The least the survivors can do is tell you their story.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Watchman's Pelt or Eye of the Hurnas depending on which army was defeated
Who are the Hurnas?
WhoaretheHurnas Description
Prerequisites: Defeat the Tetike army in Conflict Resolution
With the Watchman's Pelt in your sackbag, the furs matted and smeared with blood, you resolve to visit the Hurnas tribe who triggered this massacre. The Tetike deserve that much.
Summary New Objective Outcome
With the skins of their enemies as proof of the deed, go to the Hurnas to learn more about them. Travel to the indicated village and talk to the Hurnas while showing the Watchman's Pelt equipped on your Hero. The Hurnas have been on Auriga so long they view it as theirs. In truth, the ages they have spent hunting and gathering have given them great wisdom on the beasts and plants; they share some of their bounty with you.
Reward Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
Hurnas Army: 2 Units
Running with the Hunt
Running with the Hunt Description
Hurnas settlements are often crowded, noisy affairs, with the lively inhabitants compensating for their dreary surroundings. This village is different, the place empty, the few Hurnas despondent as many of the clan were killed in a landslide during their last migration. Without better protection for the settlement while those who are able to do so hunt, they will surely all perish.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Hurnas in [Region], protect the Hurnas settlement while their hunters hunt.. 1. Assign two Units permanently to the Hurnas village.
2. Defend the Hurnas village for the duration of the hunt (10 turns).
3. Return to Parley with the Hurnas village where they have buried their dead.
As their village survived the absence of its hunters, the Hurnas give you heartfelt thanks. With minotaur haunches roasting on the spits, they begin to believe that they may survive. Your units remain with the Hurnas, who give you their own warriors in return. They are pacified; ready to pledge their allegiance to your cause.
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
3. Hurnas Army: 2 Units