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Helm of the Urkans
Helm of the Urkans.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All
Obtained QuestIcon.png Global Quest
Type Armor.png Helm
+60 DefenseIcon.png on Unit
+200 LifeIcon.png on Unit
No Capacities
StrategicIcon.png Resource 5 Hyperium Color 256x256.PNG

The Helm of the Urkans is a unique helm that is received as a reward for completing the Global Quest "A World of Monsters". Unlike most other unique pieces of armor, this helm is not restricted to heroes only, and provides the greatest raw increase to Life LifeIcon.png in the game as well as a significant increase to Defense DefenseIcon.png for a relatively low cost of Hyperium Hyperium Color 256x256.PNG, making it an incredibly valuable piece of equipment to have.


Inspired by Urkan carapaces by an unknown blacksmith, this helm offers superb protection.