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Golem Rider
Golem Rider.png
FactionIconSmall.png Faction KapakuIcon.png Kapaku
UnitSmall.png Unit Type Cavalry.png Cavalry
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon.png Life 90
AttackIcon.png Attack 42
InitiativeIcon.png Initiative 25
SpeedIcon.png Speed 6
DefenseIcon.png Defense 30
DamageIcon.png Damage 32
Ranged.png Range 1
SightIcon.png Sight 3
IndustrySmall.png Production 110 IndustrySmall.png

The Golem Rider is a cavalry unit for the Kapaku. The Golem Rider can be unlocked by researching it in Era II.


The combination of Kapaku rider and golem mount is a formidable one, and these units can play a crucial role in the early stages of any battle.


Icon Name Effect
AbilityInnerFireSmall.png Inner Fire Takes no damage from Lava Flows
+20% Damage DamageIcon.png on Volcanic tiles
AbilityCharge1Small.png Charge 1 +25% AttackAttackIcon.png if unit moves.
+10% AttackAttackIcon.png per movement point spent.
Fast1.png Fast 1 +1 battle movement BattleSpeedSmall.png.
Sweep1.png Sweep 1 Overrides the default attack only.
Allows attack on other enemy units in range and adjacent to the initial target.
+50% Damage.

Note: Golem Riders erroneously have Circular Attack listed in their capacities, however the actual battle effect is Sweep. This has been fixed in ELCP.

Equipment Slots[]