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Food Stockpile
Food Stockpile.png
Resource FoodSmall.png Food
Will not be effective if a settler unit is under construction.
+100 FoodSmall.png on city.

A Stockpile which provides a given amount of Food to a selected city. The base amount of Food is 100 FoodSmall.png, but researching Unskilled Labor and Organized Labor will raise this amount by 500 FoodSmall.png and 1000 FoodSmall.png respectively.

A city can only experience the benefits of one Food Stockpile per turn; applying multiple Food Stockpiles to a city in one turn will result in the city receiving the benefit of a Food Stockpile for a number of turns equal to the number of stockpiles used.

The Broken Lords are unable to use Food Stockpiles.


This is a stockpile of various foodstuffs, to be used one time to boost a city's Food points.