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The Eyeless Ones are a Minor Faction.


Blind, and focused more on what cannot be seen than what can be easily seen, the Eyeless Ones care little for appearances. Their villages reflect this fact, being simple mud huts with minimal decoration.

Assimilation Bonus[]

+5 Approval ApprovalSmall per pacified and rebuilt Eyeless Ones village on cities.


Faction: MinorFactionIconSmall Eyeless Ones
Obtained: Assimilation or Marketplace
Unit Type: Support Support
Costs: 60 IndustrySmall
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon Life 100 SpeedIcon Speed 4
AttackIcon Attack 10 DefenseIcon Defense 24
InitiativeIcon Initiative 4 DamageIcon Damage 16
Ranged Range 3 SightIcon Sight 3
Caecator Blind from birth, these monks train their other senses to the point of supernatural acuity. Whether the explanation is intense concentration or Dust magic, their skills are undeniable.

Related Quests[]

Way of the Initiate
Way of the Initiate Description
You have discovered a village inhabited by a strange tribe called the "Eyeless Ones." For this blind yet all-seeing people, the best way to prove your loyalty is to escort one of their youth on a brief voyage beyond their village walls. You will find an apprentice at the location indicated on the map, but in order to learn they must follow a Hero.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the [Minor Faction] in [Region], bring the youth of the tribe on a voyage of initiation. 1. With an army led by a Hero, search the [Ruin] illuminated by rays of Dust.
2. Now the journey has begun. Return to the initial [Minor Faction] village with at least 2 Eyeless Ones units of Level 2 in your army.
Thanks to your leadership and the safe return of their citizens, this village of the Eyeless Ones view you as a friend and ally in the dangerous world of Auriga.
Reward 1. Eyeless Ones Army: 2 Units
2. Pacification
Relocation of the Blind
Relocation of the Blind Description
Threading through the fallen masonry at the entrance to the ruins you come across a suprising sight: dozens of Eyeless Ones have turned the site into a makeshift church, their distinctive twisting circular iconography adorning many surfaces, while many of the monks lay prostrate in worship. They agree to leave the site if you provide a temple for them elsewhere.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Create a new temple worthy of the Eyeless Ones. 1. Build a City Improvement that increases your Empire's Influence.
2. Return to the Ruins and Inspect them.
The Eyeless Ones appreciate your investment on their part. Their rites and traditions are unclear to those of us who can only watch with our eyes, but they appear to worship some great incarnations of beings that existed even before the Endless...
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1