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The Erycis are a Minor Faction.


These beings are large and formidable multi-headed hydra. They have hands with claws capable of manipulating tools, but tend to fight with their large, fearsome jaws and teeth. Atypically viviparous, this fact has caused them to develop villages and social structures.

The viviparous nature of the Erycis has made them unusually social for lizard species. Extremely protective of their young due to the small size of their litters, they are formidable in defense of their homes.

Assimilation Bonus[]

+ 0.5 Movement Speed SpeedIcon per pacified and rebuilt Erycis village on units


Faction: MinorFactionIconSmall Erycis
Obtained: Assimilation or Marketplace
Unit Type: Infantry Infantry
Costs: 110 IndustrySmall
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon Life 100 SpeedIcon Speed 4
AttackIcon Attack 36 DefenseIcon Defense 24
InitiativeIcon Initiative 22 DamageIcon Damage 36
Ranged Range 1 SightIcon Sight 3
Vinesnake A bottom-feeder, capable of eating almost anything, these creatures extract poisons from their food and isolate them in a specialized gland - an ability that permits them to feed in extreme environments. When threatened, they can also expel the contents of that gland as a highly toxic cloud.

Related Quests[]

The Land of Godheads
The Land of Godheads Description
Erycis culture may be primitive, but they still worship. Like their multi-headed forms, they do not venerate one god but many. The principal ones are Boikiss, the god of the trees; Natriss, the god of the grasses; Getulass, god of the sands, and Sebaess, god of the stones. You must show acceptance by building your cities upon the terrains of the these gods in order to be accepted by the Erycis.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Show respect for the multiple gods of the Erycis culture by building your cities in their different terrains.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
Construct new city Boroughs on at least three more of each type of terrain across your empire. The Erycis find your cities pleasing to their many eyes, and offer their loyalty plus two units for your armies. They confide to you the central tenet of their religion: All the gods are manifestations of the one true god: the Godhead.
Reward Dust Droplist, picks 1 from Era 3
Erycis Army: 2 Units