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Endless Legend Wiki is a community project run entirely by volunteers to provide information for the game.

Our community of editors is open to anyone. If you would like to join in:

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Welcome to the community here at the Endless Legend Wiki! We're glad you've taken some time, perhaps to discover more about the game, or maybe you're looking to put back into the community by adding a few things. Maybe you're good with wikis and know how to edit, or maybe this is just your first time... Whatever the case we're glad to have you!

Below you'll be able to find some of the things we're currently working on to improve around the site, if there's anything you see that you're amazing with, or seem to know super game mechanics for, please don't hesitate to throw up what you know on the link, however you think it fits best. If you're good with templates or such, feel free to make something that fits your fancy. Just keep in mind that we're trying to have similar to game styling, so if you can match colors or templates with in-game items or armor... etc, that would be helpful for everyone!

If you think something is finished, please just use the strike through, so we mark it off for a week or so, to make sure it's finalized and one of the administrators can remove it if they think it's completely up to par. Also this list isn't finished, If there's something you see that needs to be done, and don't have a chance to finish it yourself, throw it on the list so we can keep with the updates as we wish..

Main To Do List[]

  • Add or Create any redlink pages
  • Guides
Strategic game-play, how do do certain things. If you're good with writing guides this would be a fantastic place to start, considering there's very few game guides at the moment for anything.
Guide:City Strategy; how to develop growing cities depending on your preference of play.
Guide:Battle Strategy; how to win when you're facing deathly odds.
Guide:How To Play; Basics on getting started. (This Guide will forever be my inspiration for writing a pretty sweet and in depth guide to getting started with a game)
Guide:Districts How to settle in districts, how to assimilate, how City Boroughs work... etc.
  • Templates
Need an infocard template for research.
Add Faction Quests for each Faction
Update loot tables to reflect current version of the game.
  • Game Units
Fill in unit's UnitInfocards and capacities for each unit. Be sure to separate the unit base stats from the effects of capabilities, levels (automatically gained by reaching new eras), and items!
Faction units TODO:
Wild Walkers
Broken Lords
Roving Clans
Ardent Mages
All minor faction units
All heroes
Info (though not necessarily up to date) can be found from the User Manual or The Bestiary)
  • Cities
In-depth City information, how things work inside the city, adding heroes to work cities, etc.
Including unique technologies gained from faction quests
  • Add all available Buildings
  • Description of how the Marketplace works, and how prices are decided.
  • Description of what each of the unit Attributes are, speed, attack, initiative, etc, and how they operate in battles.
  • Description of how Experience is gained, and how it increases a units or heroes attributes.
  • Full Description of the Battle System. How moral, elevation, initiative, reinforcements, etc, works.
  • Add a description of the battle system, describing effects of terrain heigh, forest cover, moral, attack vs defense, etc...

Minor To Do list requiring IN-GAME data[]

The data listed in the pdf manuals is obsolete in a few cases, therefore some in-game fact checking is required

  • Update tooltip text of unit capacities: Life Drain 1, Life Siphon, Charge

Coming from EndlessLegendWiki.com[]

There's a handy guide here that can help you out to merge your accounts if you haven't tried that already. If you have any problems, please contact the curse wiki staff, either at the help wiki or also by contacting User:Mr Pie 5 on this specific wiki.