Endless Legend Wiki

If you wish to contribute to the Endless Legend Wiki, please adhere to these rules. If we find a user breaking these rules, moderation actions ranging up to permanent bans may be taken.

Keep it Civil:[]

Do not make personal attacks on anyone. If you disagree with another person, focus on discussing their argument. Do not use insults, slurs, or any other form of derogatory or discriminatory language. Do not harass other users.

Keep it informative:[]

The main goal of the Endless Legend wiki is to collect gameplay information and present it in a structured, accessible manner. While some gameplay and strategy tips are acceptable, please do not include extensive strategy guides in the articles.

Respect the community effort:[]

Documenting all this information on the wiki is a community effort, and you should respect the contributions of other users. Do not overwrite or revert contributions by other users unless you have verified the information to be incorrect, and do not engage in “edit wars” if you disagree with another contributor. Do not excessively self-promote your contributions or other work or online presence.

Adhere to the formatting:[]

Please follow the formatting conventions already established on the wiki to maintain a consistent structure and appearance across all pages.