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The Endless Legend Community Patch (or ELCP) is a user-made patch by LeaderEnemyBoss that fixes many bugs, modifies the UI, make balance changes and attempts to improve the AI.

More information and a Download link can be found in it's thread on the official Amplitude forums: [1]

ELCP Vanilla Balance[]

For users that dont like all the balance changes in ELCP but still want to get bug fixes that the ELCP provides, there is ELCP Vanilla Balance mod.

ELCP Feature List[]

Below is a quote of the ELCP feature list from that thread, a full changelog can be found here: [2]


  • The following mods are included and act as a base for many changes I made
  • "Improved AI" by ninakoru (link)
  • "Status Panel Fix" by Fluffiest (link)

General & UI

  • Allows the use of steam workshop mods without disabling Achievements
  • Hosts can set up Handicaps for individual players, increasing or decreasing their FIDSI income in cities
  • Allows modifying the default move speed of Armies, similar to how the battle speed can be altered (by morgoth)
  • Allows defining at which zoom level the detailed 3D World map transitions into the abstract map (by morgoth)
  • Selecting a Unit Design in a City's construction menu with the right or middle mouse button opens the Unit Designer
  • Selecting the Icon of a known living Empire on the End-Turn-Panel with the right or middle mouse button now opens the diplomatic Negotiation Screen with that Empire
  • Capacity list icons are now colored depending on the Capacity Provider (Unit Design, Hero specific or Item), Color coding can be configured in the game's UI options menu
  • Resource stock and income values between 1000 and 10000 are now truncated to one decimal place (Implemented by fellow modder Cornebre)
  • The Academy screen is sorted more sensible (Heros that need level ups or jobs are sorted to the front)
  • Assimilation effects are now displayed in the tooltip of Villages as well
  • By default Kapaku starting regions are assured to be volcanic (even if volcanic terrain is set to "none")


  • AI turn times in the late game are reduced significantly
  • In general the AI should be more challenging (without additional cheats!) and less apathetic, most notably on difficulties higher than normal
  • AI units will no actively try to move away from reinforcement locations (by morgoth)
  • The AI is significantly smarter about choosing settling locations
  • Heavily improved stockpile usage and how the AI fills its production queues, they should now build more efficiently
  • Reworked Resource-Market usage, AIs will buy what they need now (including stockpiles) and will no longer sell everything they cant use immediatly
  • Improved AI trading behavior, AIs cant be exploited as easily and will engage in trades on their own
  • Improved Urkan Management: AIs are smarter about obtaining, training and using Urkans
  • Improved AIs teching and and equipment choices
  • Improved diplomatic AI - AIs will be more proactive about diplomacy, the goal is to make block building and long lasting alliances more likely (ongoing)
  • Diplomatic and teching behavior is influenced by the Victory condition the AI currently pursues, AIs now do try to actively achieve Victory, and try to prevent others from doing so
  • Overhauled war logic, AIs will consider attacking and defending with stronger Armies, Armies can group up now and defend endangered cities
  • Improved encounter logic - AIs should be smarter when it comes to reinforcing, retreating and attacking (ongoing)
  • Experimental Quest solving logic (currently for some global Quests and the Victory questline)
  • Made many special case improvements to the Cultists behavior in order to make them more competitive
  • Improved spying and teching logic of the Forgotten to prevent them from falling behind so hard
  • Morgawr will now use their "dissent" and "catspaw" abilities deliberatly when they dont like you
  • Kapaki now place their golem camps smartly and know how to use their special industry boosters (they didnt before)
  • Vaulter and Mykara can use their respective teleport abilities
  • Drakken make use of their "Force Status" diplomatic abilities
  • Roving Clans may consider buying and using Privateers when they are rich enough
  • Reworked Pillar and Spell usage of the Ardent Mages
  • An Advanced World Setting "Replace Inland Seas" transforms oceans without Fortress access to Inland Waters (prevents AI spamming ships into small lakes)
  • ... and maaaaaaaany bugfixes

(non AI-)Bugfixes

  • Luxury Alchemists no longer increases the duration of stockpiles and infiltration actions
  • fixed an endless siege bug, also sieges are no longer canceled if a besieging army leaves the besieged city but there are still others present
  • Hovering over the "End Turn"-Button no longer reveals scores of other empires, if score display is set to "partial" or "none"
  • Players can now only dismantle buildings if they have full ownership over a (recently conquered) city
  • Fixed Sacrifice Population (Necrophages) not scaling with game speed


  • Forgotten: "Dust Opportunist" was buffed and the possible range of stolen Dust is displayed in its tooltip
  • Mykara: too many buffs to list, also made peaceful play with them less limiting, as Symbiosis traits can now also be aquired peacefully with a special diplomatic city trade action!
  • Urkans have been made considerably weaker in order to make them less of a "must have" game winner
  • Activating a Luxury Booster when that Booster is already active now only resets the time instead of adding it on top
  • Made the second Necrophage quest a bit easier
  • Broken lords have an easier time doing early quests, 10% cheaper pop buyout, dust bishops of more initiative
  • Increased the Influence cost of "Catspaw" for Fomorian Armies by about 50%
  • Diplomatic, Economic and Wonder Victory are harder to achieve, Victory Warning appear earlier
  • Oceans yield less strategic and luxury resources in the early game, less FIDSI overall, and many facilities got nerfed
  • Increased HP loss when retreating to 60%
  • Reduced Damage and HP bonus of Serum of Iteru by 50%
  • Mercenary Corps/Freelance Guards now also reduce the Buyout cost of Mercenaries and Heros by 20%
  • Increased the market value of Stockpiles (for buying and selling!)
  • Decreased construction costs of stockpiles across the board
  • Marketban can not be reused for two turns after removal
  • Force Truce can not be used for 5 turns if a Drakken has started the war
  • Introduced multiplicative stacking for Production Cost Reduction and Buyout Cost Reduction (Buildings and Units)
  • This basically means, that stacking these reductions gets less effective the more you do it, 100% reductions are no longer reachable


  • Units can only be sold in owned territory (withing borders, owned fortresses or converted villages)

The following settings can be configured in the pre game options:

  • Removed the ability to conquer cities and fortresses (whose region are owned by the target) of blackspot victims without declaring war
  • Stockpiles are "fused together" when being upgraded
  • Added a new ruleset for how Diplomatic Points from treaties accumulate, they are now buffered and get transferred each turn instead of all at once (prevents instant Diplomatic-Victories via treaty spam)
  • Introduced a new optional feature: progressive tech trade costs - The Influence cost of tech trading in creases the more often you do it
  • Introduced a new rule-set for Fortification Armor and when it applies
  • Allows Fortification Armor to be applied when attacking out of a besieged City (see [This Link] for more inofrmation)


  • the Debug command "/Autoturn" is now available for modders to use (useful for testing AI behaviour)
  • new cheat commando: "/ShowMeTheStockpiles" (player gets the specified amount of each stockpile, 10 by default)
  • New Debug-Command: "/Teleport" teleports the selected army to a world coordinate of the players choice
  • The god cursor ("G") now shows the current world position
  • With modding tools enabled, selecting a technology in the Research Screen while pressing the "G"-Key instantly unlocks that technology