Endless Legend Wiki

From the team who brought you Endless Space, Endless Legend is a fantasy style, Civ-like 4x game set in the Endless Space universe, but on one particular planet, fairly early in the universes’ life cycle. The basic story set on the planet Auriga is dying, and it's up to you and your chosen faction to deal with it.

Endless Legend emphasizes micromanagement, allowing players to rule over a smaller number of civilizations than some world-building games, while including more important strategic decisions. Players will be able to prepare for coming Seasons, though once they make a decision about how to proceed, that route is locked in for the next 20 turns. The game takes planning and cunning, but it's also meant to be accessible, with decisions that feel natural to make. It also includes quests, (competitive and cooperative) and a live battle system.

The game sits on a hexagonal map, and even the terrain is molded into hexagon patterns, with clean lines along ridges and slivers of angled land stacked on one another. These visual cues clarify battlefields and construction sites and more as the game develops. When players encounter an enemy leader, they can enter into battle and their armies immediately appear in the surrounding spaces. Other players passing by the battle will see the troops propagate live, and can watch the fight from afar or decide to join one side.

Endless Legend Features[]

Explore fantastic lands.

  • Lead one of thirteen factions (DLCs included), each with a unique gameplay style and storyline.
  • Survive through cold dark seasons that drive Auriga to its end. Will it also be yours?
  • Experience an endless replay-ability with randomly generated worlds and Quests.
  • Set the size, shape, topography and more... to create your own world to discover.

Expand beyond the unknown.

  • Conquer, build, and develop villages into feared fortresses or wonderful Cities.
  • Assimilate powerful minor factions and use their special traits and Units wisely.
  • Hire, equip and train your Heroes to become army leaders, city Governors, or Spies.
  • Raise your civilization by finding mysterious artifacts and forgotten technologies.

Exploit every opportunity.

Exterminate fools who defy you.

  • Experience an innovative dynamic simultaneous turn-based battle system.
  • Customize units' Armor, Weapons, and Accessories, and make use of their abilities and the terrain to overcome your opponents.
  • Zoom out of a battle and rule the other aspects of your empire seamlessly.
  • Define your custom civilizations and confront those created by your friends with the game's robust Trait system.