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Empire Plan Simulation

The Empire Plan is the interface which allows you to set major strategic medium-term directions for your empire. The plan is divided into four categories that correspond to the four categories of research disks; Military, Science and Industry, Empire and Expansion, and Economy and Population. Each category has a number of ranks of increasing effect or power. By sliding the apexes of each category you set the investment level in terms of InfluenceIcon Influence. The total amount of InfluenceIcon Influence spent in all categories cannot exceed your current stock. As you unlock new research Eras, additional Empire Plan ranks become available, allowing you to design more powerful plans (that are of course more expensive in InfluenceIcon Influence). You can choose to balance your investment between the four categories or raise a chosen category to the maximum in order to drive your empire in one direction. Empire Plans are set every 20 turns on Normal speed, and will stay in place for the duration.

Each Tier is unlocked upon reaching their respective research era (tier 1 is unlocked in Era I, tier 2 is unlocked in Era II, etc...). The DrakkenIcon Drakken have Empire Plan tiers unlocked 1 era earlier due to their "Advanced Diarchy" Faction Trait.

Influence Cost[]

The InfluenceIcon Influence cost of each tier is a formula based on the number of cities in that faction, and the Game Speed.

Tier InfluenceIcon Cost
1 number of cities × 20 InfluenceIcon
2 number of cities × 60 InfluenceIcon
3 number of cities × 150 InfluenceIcon
4 number of cities × 400 InfluenceIcon

Note that for empires with the "Conversion" trait - such as the CultistsIcon Cultists - every converted Minor Faction village counts at 20% of a city.

Note that for empires with the "Creeping Presence" trait - such as the MykaraSmall Mykara - every Fungal Bloom counts as 4% of a city.

Note: If you play with ELCP then Era IV Legendary Building Throne of Emperors reduce Influence InfluenceIcon cost of Empire Plan by 30% instead of diplomatic cost.

Empire Plan Options[]

Tier Effect
1 +20% Unit IndustrySmall cost reduction on Cities
2 +30% Attack AttackIcon on Units
3 -50% DustSmall on Military Upkeep
4 +50% Life LifeIcon on Units
Economy and Population
Tier Effect
1 +3 DustSmall per population on Cities
2 +25% Building Buyout Reduction on Cities
3 +50% Trade Route Bonus on City Trade Routes
4 +25% DustSmall on Cities
Science and Industry
Tier Effect
1 +20% ScienceSmall on Cities
2 +33% Building Production Cost Reduction
3 +2 ScienceSmall on District
4 +2 IndustrySmall on District
Empire and Expansion
Tier Effect
1 +2 Vision SightIcon on Units
2 +25 ApprovalSmall on Cities
3 +3 SpeedIcon on Units
4 +50% FoodSmall on Cities


Due to their faction traits, some major factions are unable to make use of some parts of the Empire Plan available to other factions, and so those effects have been replaced with faction-appropriate ones.

BrokenLordsIcon Broken Lords: Due to their "Appetite for Dust" trait, the Broken Lords are unable to use FoodSmall. As such, Tier 4 of the Empire and Expansion branch has been changed to "+50% Population Buyout Reduction on Cities" for the Broken Lords.

ForgottenIcon Forgotten: Due to their "Science Phobic" trait, the Forgotten are unable to use ScienceSmall. As such, Tier 1 of the Science and Industry branch has been changed to "+20% Cost Reduction on Researches", and Tier 3 of the Science and Industry branch has been changed to "+30% Research Cost Reduction in Past Eras".


  • It is recommended to settle cities as soon after setting an Empire Plan as possible; each new city settled just before a Empire Plan will increase the cost by an amount that is usually not offset by the new city, while any new city founded just after the Empire Plan has been set will reap the benefits of the plan without any consequences.
  • The BrokenLordsIcon Broken Lords faction should consider spending spare InfluenceIcon Influence to pay for the tier 4 Economy and Population Empire plan for a huge percentage bonus to DustSmall Dust production.
  • The VaultersIcon Vaulters faction should consider spending spare as well as their main InfluenceIcon Influence to pay for the Science and Industry Empire plan for huge bonuses to their overall ScienceSmall Science production.
  • Anyone hoping for a Supremacy, Elimination or Conquest victory should try and spend most of their influence to pay for the Military Empire plan when you think of attacking as it will provide huge bonuses to your army, though that particular Empire plan is not advised as a long term investment, only for large attacks, as it could waste valuable InfluenceIcon Influence that could be used to increase the FIDS of your empire.