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The Dorgeshi are a Minor Faction.


Banished after a series of feuds, these Roving Clan families left the life of their caravans and cities, exchanging the luxuries of merchants for the hardships of warriors. The Clans secrets of beast control were used to master the great Burdemek lizards, turning the Dorgeshi into a fearsome heavy cavalry.

The Dorgeshi villages show the care this people has for their mounts. They live in burrows along with the stables of their lizards, though it should be noted that their interiors are tiled or bricked, dry, and free of foul smells.

Assimilation Bonus[]

+0.5 Luxury Resource CategoryLuxurySmall per pacified and rebuilt Dorgeshi village on Luxury Resource extractor (empire wide).


Faction: MinorFactionIconSmall Dorgeshi
Obtained: Assimilation or Marketplace
Unit Type: Cavalry Cavalry
Costs: 60 IndustrySmall
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon Life 92 SpeedIcon Speed 6
AttackIcon Attack 16 DefenseIcon Defense 30
InitiativeIcon Initiative 42 DamageIcon Damage 24(14)
Ranged Range 1 SightIcon Sight 3
Burdeki The riders of the great Burdemek lizards, the Burdeki are both the scouts and the primary weapon of the Dorgeshi armies. Heavy and heavily armored, their powerful charge and lack of fear makes them dangerous foes.

Related Quests[]

A Fragile Peace
A Fragile Peace Description
The Dorgeshi could be fearsome allies... but can they be trusted? Banished by the Roving Clans ages ago for acts of violence, were they innocent victims or cold-hearted aggressors? Do they keep anger and violence in their hearts? You will need to collect artifacts and antiques to get to the bottom of this question.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Dorgeshi in [Region], discover if you can trust the Dorgeshi. 1. Verify the traditional story of the feud between the Roving Clans and the Dorgeshi by producing X Dust in your city [City] to buy ancient artifacts.
2. The "Dorgeshi" weapons were not Dorgeshi, and the supposed "trophies" not even human remains! They are victims; with X Dust you can buy their trust if you do it quickly (in 6 turns).
The Dorgeshi have been pacified with your gift of compensation, but still resent the ill treatment of their ancestors. Acts like The Dorgeshi Banishment, done in haste, can haunt one for decades...
Reward 1. Foeskewer
2. Pacification
Ancient Enmities
Ancient Enmities Description
The Dorgeshis could be fearsome allies... but can they be trusted? Coming from a Clan banished by your ancestors ages ago, were they innocent victims or violent aggressors? Do they still carry hatred for your people in their hearts? Only a scientific search of the evidence will show you the origin of this feud.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Dorgeshi in [Region], use scientific methods to find out if you can trust the Dorgeshi. 1. Research the origins of the Roving Clans/Dorgeshi feud through scientific means. Produce X Science in your city [City].
2. Analysis of ancient scrolls prove that agreements with the Dorgeshi were forgeries! They deserve reparations for your ancestors' trickery; give them X Dust within 6 turns.
The Dorgeshi have been pacified with your gift of compensation, but resentments still simmer... Perhaps your forbears had good reasons to engineer their exile!
Reward 1. Foeskewer
2. Pacification
Better Friends Than Enemies
Better Friends Than Enemies Description
As a venerable and cautious race, rumour has it that the Dorgeshi have stockpiled vast mountains of resources in underground caverns beneath their villages. Perhaps it's time to bring the Dorgeshi into your ranks and test these rumours?
Summary New Objective Outcome
Until now, the likely wealth of the Dorgeshi has been overlooked by the major players of Auriga. Be the first to assimilate this Minor faction and claim their riches. Assimilate the Dorgeshi Minor Faction - first! The Dorgeshi are assimilated! Their stockpiles now sit in your imperial coffers and warehouses. Congratulations!
Reward Global Quest Luxury Resources Droplist, picks 1