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The Delvers are a Minor Faction.


The Delvers have their origins in humanoids that were trapped deep underground after an earlier cataclysm. They fought their way back up to the light, an effort of decades that made them skilled miners, tunnelers, and explorers.

Skilled with digging and mining, little is seen of Delver villages other than portals that lead into the earth. Beneath these simple portals, however, entire underground cities are likely to exist.

Assimilation Bonus[]

+5% Dust DustSmall per pacified and rebuilt Delvers village on cities.


Faction: MinorFactionIconSmall Delvers
Obtained: Assimilation or Marketplace
Unit Type: Infantry Infantry
Costs: 90 IndustrySmall
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon Life 92 SpeedIcon Speed 4
AttackIcon Attack 34 DefenseIcon Defense 30
InitiativeIcon Initiative 20 DamageIcon Damage 34
Ranged Range 1 SightIcon Sight 3
Dredge These diggers, with overdeveloped shoulders and arms, make exceedingly dangerous troops. Skilled at breaking rock, they can also crack the toughest armors.

Related Quests[]

Manual Labor
Manual Labor Description
Among the strange and wondrous things you have discovered while traversing Auriga is this new oddity: The Eayaen Bi-Forge. A creation of the Endless, it seems to have been constructed to allow the simultaneous smithing of two different Strategic Resources. While the idea is not overly complex, it is clear that you will require the aid of Delvers to efficiently exploit the forge without continually cracking your head on the unusually low exhaust fan.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To correctly use the Eayaen Bi-Forge, which smelts Titanium and Glassteel simultaneously, you will need the help of a people roughly the size of those who invented it. In this case, the Delvers should do well. Come back and search this Ruin with a Delvers unit in your army and a minimum of X of Titanium Color 256x256 Titanium and X of Glassteel Color 256x256 Glassteel The Delvers must be Pacified or hired as mercenaries; the Resources can be obtained through Extraction, questing, or on the Marketplace.
Reward Valiant Lightning
Mask of the Delvers
Mask of the Delvers Description
This faction, which lives primarily beneath the surface, has a tradition of wearing bone masks. But no one has pierced the secrets of them: Who wears them? Why? How are they crafted? What do they represent? Perhaps a demonstration of your capacities will convince them to share the secrets of their culture.
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Delvers in [Region], to get the Delvers to share the secrets of their culture, show them your ability to harness the magics of Auriga by activating Boosters. Activate two Boosters to prove your wisdom and power. You have seen the scarred faces beneath the masks, and learned something of the Delvers' grim lives. In friendship they give you a sacred object, one of their ritual masks.
Reward Skull of the Caves
The Festival of Dust
The Festival of Dust Description
Revering Dust for the role it played in helping them survive long seasons underground, every year Delvers celebrate the fact with an annual festival. By welcoming a contingent of Delvers into your capital and organizing Dust celebrations at this time, Delver relations can be further deepened.
Summary New Objective Outcome
Bring the Delver celebrants to your capital city, and produce enough Dust to fuel the raucous celebrations.
The Minor Faction must remain assimilated throughout the quest.
1. Inspect the ruins indicated by the Rays of Dust with a Hero to locate Igor, then return him to his master.
2. The Urces' leader is absent; a Hero must care for Igor in your city [City] until the leader comes back in 5 turns.
3. News arrives that the Urces' leader is back in his village. Have your Hero reunite him with Igor.
Garrison two Delver units in your capital city, then produce X Dust per turn for 5 turns.
Reward Band of Merriment