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Defensive Wards
Defensive Wards.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Research Era II
Type UniqueBuildingSmall.png Unique Building
Focus MilitaryIcon.png Military
+30 Fortification FortificationSmall.png per population on City
Can only be built once in your Empire
IndustrySmall.png Production 600 IndustrySmall.png
StrategicIcon.png Resource 5 Glassteel Color 256x256.png
DustSmall.png Upkeep 4 DustSmall.png per turn

A city improvement obtained from the Citizen Armies technology in ResearchIcon.png Research Era II. Can only be built once in your empire, and cannot be rebuilt if destroyed. It should also be noted that, unlike other City Improvements that have a "per population" effect, the city this improvement is constructed in will gain +30 FortificationSmall.png per population no matter how they are assigned.


By dividing the city into a series of wards, with the citizens of each ward responsible for the upkeep and patrolling of the walls, city defense is greatly improved.