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Cryometric Monitors
Cryometric Monitors.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All except Forgotten
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Research Era III
Type Improvement.png City Improvement
Focus ScienceSmall.png Science
-40% Margin of error for season predictability on empire
+15 ScienceSmall.png on terrain with anomaly
Limited to one copy in your empire
IndustrySmall.png Production 1200 IndustrySmall.png
StrategicIcon.png Resource 15 Titanium Color 256x256.PNG
DustSmall.png Upkeep 8 DustSmall.png per turn

A city improvement obtained from the Statistical Methods technology in ResearchIcon.png Research Era III. Only one copy can be built in your empire at a time, but it may be rebuilt if it is destroyed.


Recent scientific improvements allow careful and accurate measurement of temperature fluctuations. Studying this data leads to improved ability to predict the arrival of the next Dark Season.

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