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Commercial Espionage
Commercial Espionage.png
Faction ForgottenIcon.png Forgotten
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Era V
Category EmpireandExpansionSmall.png Empire and Expansion
Type Improvement.png City Improvement
Focus TradeRoutesSmall.png Trade Routes
Unlocks Surreptitious Research and Remotuscope Factory for construction on cities

An Era V technology exclusive to the Forgotten which unlocks the construction of Surreptitious Research and Remotuscope Factory on cities. Upon unlocking this technology, and previously-built Watchtowers or Lookout Towers will automatically be upgraded to the Remotuscope Factory for free. This technology takes the place of the Enlightened Trade technology available to all other factions.


Advanced techniques in espionage - dead drops, ciphers, tradecraft, clandestine cells - turn the caravans of Auriga into a firehose of useful information.