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Cargo Docks
Cargo Docks.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Research Era III
Type Expansion.png Expansion
Focus District.png District
Limited to one copy in your city
Can only be built on coastal waters or ocean with exploitation
Creates ocean roads (used by trade routes)
+5 IndustrySmall.png on city tile
+1 FoodSmall.png on city tile
+1 DustSmall.png on city tile
+5 IndustrySmall.png on terrain with sea or lake
+10 ApprovalSmall.png on city
+2 FoodSmall.png per extra level on city tile
+2 DustSmall.png per extra level on city tile
+10 IndustrySmall.png per extra level on city tile
Decreases the embark/disembark cost.
IndustrySmall.png Production 600 IndustrySmall.png

An Expansion obtained from the Cargo Docks technology in ResearchIcon.png Research Era III, or Era II for the Morgawr. The Cargo Docks must be built on an exploited sea or lake tile, and only one copy can be built in the city, thought it is possible to build another should the original district or the city itself be destroyed. The cargo docks provides bonus to IndustrySmall.png Industry, FoodSmall.png Food, and DustSmall.png Dust on itself, as well as an approval bonus, but probably the most significant bonus it provides is extra Industry on sea or lake tiles in the region.

Cargo Docks are also used for ocean trade routes, which can be made between any two cities that have Cargo Docks built in the same body of water. The cost for embarking and disembarking units is also reduced for units that do so on the Cargo Docks tile.


A centrally-organized port helps safeguard empire supply lines, and allows longer-term planning. Sea shanties still permitted.


One piece of advice for building the Cargo Docks is to try and build in in an inlet if possible; like other districts, it will upgrade to a level 2 version when surrounded by 4 other level 1 districts, and provides a significant boost to Industry when it does. However, since it is the only district that can be placed in water, if one wishes to eventually upgrade the Cargo Docks, it must be placed on a water tile surrounded by at least 4 land tiles, which can be difficult to find with certain terrain generation settings. This is especially important to consider when playing the Cultists, as they can potentially upgrade the Cargo Docks to level 3, resulting in a tile with an output of 5 FoodSmall.png, 5 DustSmall.png, and a whopping 25 IndustrySmall.png before any other bonuses.