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The Bos are a Minor Faction.


The Bos are centaurs, who live in herd groupings. They are nomad warriors, relatively simple and uneducated. Wearing little clothing, they are less well adapted to cold climates but still roam far and wide across Auriga. Bos herds build temporary shelters near pastures. Though their villages are not necessarily permanent, the warrior nature of this people ensures that they will always be vigorously defended.

Assimilation Bonus[]

+5% Food FoodSmall.png per pacified and rebuilt Bos village on cities.


Faction: MinorFactionIconSmall.png Bos
Obtained: Assimilation or Marketplace
Unit Type: Cavalry.png Cavalry
Costs: 80 IndustrySmall.png
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon.png Life 108 SpeedIcon.png Speed 6
AttackIcon.png Attack 20 DefenseIcon.png Defense 32
InitiativeIcon.png Initiative 32 DamageIcon.png Damage 24
Ranged.png Range 1 SightIcon.png Sight 3
Centaur.png Messenger, sentry, and scout, the Centaurs' role is to know all that happens within a day's ride of the herd. Lightly armored, they are better adapted to summer weather.

Related Quests[]

Marathon.png Description
Roaming the wilds of Auriga from frozen tundras to dense woodlands, the Bos have a history of being formidable scouts and messengers. They posess the necessary traits of great stamina, an eye for danger, and mastery of diverse terrains. Several of their most famous have earned much acclaim for their race by dedicating their lives to carrying messengers for the great Empires. Today they wish you to lead one of these messengers in spreading the word about a terrible disease, the Red Ague, that is in danger of killing thousands. Minor Factions in the surrounding regions must be warned!
Summary New Objective Outcome
To pacify the Bos in [Region], warn the nearby Minor Factions of the outbreak of a contagious and fatal disease, the Red Ague. 1. Using a Centaur unit, visit the 3 indicated Minor Faction villages in less than 20 turns.
2. Return to the Bos village.
With the nearby villages warned, the risk that the Red Ague might spread has been greatly reduced. The centaurs who carried the message are considered heroes, and the Bos are prepared to join with you and have their names also "chiselled in stone."
Reward 1. Mad Fairies Droplist, picks 1
2. Dust Droplist, picks 1


  • The Bos take their name from the Latin word bos, which means bull.