Endless Legend Wiki

Unit Attributes

Attribute Name Effect
LifeLifeIcon.png How much life the unit has. If this reaches 0, the unit is destroyed.
AttackAttackIcon.png The ability of the unit to attack successfully. Higher attack rating means that the unit will successfully hit and critically hit more often.
DefenseDefenseIcon.png The ability of the unit to defend itself. Higher defense rating means that enemy hits against this unit will be misses and partial hits more often.
InitiativeInitiativeIcon.png How quickly this unit can act in combat. Units with higher initiative always attack before units with lower initiative.
SpeedSpeedIcon.png How many movement points this unit has per turn. In the strategic map, an army can only move as fast as its slowest unit. In the combat map, every unit will use its individual speed to decide how many movement points it has.
DamageDamageIcon.png The amount of damage inflicted by this unit on a normal hit. Critical hits will inflict twice this amount, and partial hits will inflict half this amount. The major factors that decide whether a hit will be a normal hit, critical hit, or partial hit, are the AttackAttackIcon.png of the attacking unit and the DefenseDefenseIcon.png of the defending unit.