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Arcana of Agility
Arcana of Agility.png
Faction ArdentMagesIcon.png Ardent Mages
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Starting Technology
Category EmpireandExpansionSmall.png Empire and Expansion
Type Improvement.png City Improvement
Focus ArdentMagesIcon.png Arcana
+1 Pillar of Speed on Empire
+1 Incantation of Haste on Empire

An Era I technology exclusive to the Ardent Mages which unlocks two Arcana: The Pillar of Speed and the Incantation of Haste. Unlike most other starting technologies, Arcana of Agility can only be obtained by having it as a starting technology, and cannot be researched in-game.


By ingesting a unique Dust-concoction that brings on searing pains, Mages can dedicate themselves to the art of awareness, and learn how the mind can overcome the limitations of the body.