Endless Legend Wiki

Release Version 1.7.5

Patch 1.7.5[]

Changes and Additions[]


  • Mykara faction now has "Cultivation" as starting tech.
  • Increased the value of "Urkan Politics" faction trait bonus (-30% instead of -20%).
  • Sister of Mercy hero is removed from the heroes available for Mykara faction.
  • Mykara's empire approval is not affected by Overgrown Cities anymore.
  • Tweaked the number of turns required to build/destroy a Fungal Bloom, with the following base values in normal game speed:
    • Extractor: 6/4
    • Village, Ruins, Watchtower: 8/6
    • Lookout Tower: 10/8
    • Remotuscope Factory: 12/10
  • Values of Mykara quest chapter 5 is now related to gamespeed.
  • Improved the way info are displayed on the Fungal Bloom tooltip, in order to avoid confusion with Fortification value.
  • Added Urkan tame cost to the Urkan label.
  • Added the cost of luxuries it will cost to tame an Urkan to the Urkan Training screen.



  • Fixed an issue where queued techs on the Urkan Training screen will be unqueued when the screen is closed to avoid an error generated when loading a game that had a queued tech.
  • Fixed an issue where custom factions with the "Overgrown Cities" faction trait were able to see Fungal Blooms when selecting an Overgrown City.
  • Fixed an issue where non-Mykara custom factions with the "Overgrown Cities" faction trait got the extractors from an Overgrown City converted into Fungal Blooms.
  • Fixed an issue where all Urkan technologies displayed their price with a Dust cost, instead of Luxuries, when playing with the Forgotten faction.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying an Overgrown City removed the assimilated minor faction from that region if the player did not have another colonized region with that same minor faction.
  • Fixed several issues where some battle notifications related to destroyed Empire could be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Tame Urkan" army action remains displayed after the player captures an Urkan by battle.