Endless Legend Wiki
Advanced Quarry
Advanced Quarry.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Research Era V
Type Improvement.png City Improvement
Focus IndustrySmall.png Industry
+50 IndustrySmall.png on terrain with strategic resource
Limited to one copy in your empire
IndustrySmall.png Production 3000 IndustrySmall.png
StrategicIcon.png Resource 10 Titanium Color 256x256.PNG
20 Adamantian Color 256x256.PNG
DustSmall.png Upkeep 10 DustSmall.png per turn

A city improvement obtained from the Advanced Quarry technology in ResearchIcon.png Research Era V. Limited to one copy in your empire, but can be rebuilt if destroyed or the city containing it is lost.


Better methods for mining, cutting and forging metals and minerals result in greater productivity and less waste, increasing the productivity of Strategic Resource sites.