Endless Legend Wiki

Add-Ons to Endless Legend are extra content for Endless Legend that are smaller in scale than the major Expansions, not introducing any new major factions or mechanics, but expanding on what is already there. They also cost less, with some being free additions to the game.

Frozen Fangs[]


Released as part of the Emperor Edition or Founder Edition of Endless Legend, this Add-on includes the Geldirus minor faction, the Drakken hero Researcher Namkang, and the "Song of only Ice" custom faction trait.

The Mezari[]


Initially part of the Founder Edition of Endless Legend, this add-on was added for free to all versions of the game during Endless Day 2016. It adds a re-skin of the Vaulters faction, the Mezari.

The Lost Tales[]


Adds 23 new quests related to the Minor Factions of Auriga, greatly expanding the lore and information on those peoples. Can be purchased on Steam here.

Echoes of Auriga[]


Adds reskins of items and seven new tracks to the music of Endless Legend. Can be purchased on Steam here.

Forgotten Love[]


A free addition unlocked during the Make War Not Love 4 community event, this add-on adds the heroes Irjsko Lasmak and Sable Deceiver Bayari Kulaa to the game.